The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020

The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020 The Monaco Yacht Show is traditionally the appointment annually in coming together and exhibit the most impressive yachts of the moment: the builders vying to present the most advanced yacht and spectacular waters of the principality and draw the attention of millionaires and stars of the sport like Cristiano Ronaldo or Rafa Nadal …

However, this year the coronavirus rules and the Monaco Yacht Show 2020 has had to be postponed until September 2021 …

However, that does not mean that the shipyards continue to manufacture yachts , both ‘normal’ and super – luxury for a lucky few. And here the money rules : superyachts continue to be a waste of quality materials, meters of length , imagination and luxury accessories to satisfy their distinguished clientele.

These are the 7 most outstanding yachts of 2020. Luxury and fantasy on the high seas.

The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020: Excellence - Abeking & Rasmussen


1. The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020:

Excellence – Abeking & Rasmussen

Built in 2019 and newly delivered, the Excellence yacht is the jewel in the crown of the German shipyards Abeking & Rasmussen. With its almost 80 meters in length (79.5 m.), Its appearance is almost science fiction. Her elegantly curved bow is just a preview of what’s to come. And it is that its main atrium stands out for its huge glass panels, without frames, which give a panoramic view from the inside.

And of course, all the possible luxury that is asked of a yacht of its characteristics. It has 7 cabins with space for up to 20 people, elevator, spa, private floor for the owners, beach club, gym, cinema … And by the way, if you want to rent it, it is available from 1 million dollars a week.


The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020: Wool - Benetti

2. The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020:

Wool – Benetti

The Benetti shipyards are one of the best superyacht builders in the world. And this 2020 we are amazed by nothing more and nothing less than with two new creations. The first is the fabulous Lana, a 107-meter-long boat that is a true marvel riding on the waves.

It has up to 5 decks, where up to 16 people can be comfortably accommodated in 8 cabins. An 8 meter long swimming pool on the deck, an impressive 100 m² covered space with a dining room and lounge for 16 people, a 70 m² cinema… And of course, a huge suite (110 m²) on the bridge with two balconies with sea Views, a large bathroom and a double dressing room. Do you want to rent it? Prepare $ 1,700,000 per week …


The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020: Luminosity - Benetti

3. The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020:

Luminosity – Benetti

“Luminosity is no ordinary yacht.” No, of course not… With this daring letter of introduction Benetti presents the superlative superyacht Luminosity. Awarded as the Yacht Yacht of 2020 by Robb Report, its 107 meters in length allows it to host up to a helipad on the upper deck … But that is just one of its impressive features.

Thus, inside we will find 12 cabins (including 4 suites) that allow 27 guests to stay comfortably inside, a beach club, two terraces open to the sea with a bar and dining room, a complete gym and a countercurrent pool. But, undoubtedly, its interior stands out for the more than 370 meters of interactive panels that show images of nature … And 264 magnolias on the wall of the main hall that open and close silently as someone passes.


The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020: Luminosity - Benetti

4. The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020:

Flying Fox – Lurssen

The Lurssen shipyards have had a lot of work in the last two years… This is the only way to explain why three superyachts have left their dry dock to remove the hiccups.

The first on the list is pretty impressive. With the suggestive name of Flying Fox we find ourselves before a luxury superyacht with all possible comforts for its occupants.

Its 136 meters in length make it one of the largest yachts in the world (and the largest available for charter), with capacity for 25 guests and up to 36 day guests and two helipads, diving center, luxury spa, swimming pool , two jacuzzis … All that can be said is little. Your rent, be careful, it does not go down


The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020: Luminosity - Benetti

5. The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020:

Opus – Lurssen

When delivered in 2020 (seaworthy testing is still underway), Opus will become the 10th largest yacht in the world. The Lurssen shipyards have created a true wonder that impresses with the number of its decks (up to 6).

Thus, it can accommodate up to 36 guests in up to 20 cabins! spread across the length and width of the ship. The Opus also has a retractable cover to house a helicopter, two helipads, a large swimming pool … And even a basketball court (if the helicopter is not ‘bothering’). And by the way, it also has several advanced defense systems against hacking. So presumably its arch-millionaire owner is quite jealous of her privacy …


 Scheherezade - Lurssen

6. The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020:

Scheherezade – Lurssen

Formerly known as the Lightning, the Scheherezade impresses with its 140 meters in length: it is, in fact, the 10th largest yacht in the world. Completely renovated, the new superyacht was delivered in June 2020 to its new owners with many incredible new features, including the two heliports that we can see in the image.

It is rumored that it now belongs to a member of the royalty of Saudi Arabia and, although the Lurssen shipyards have not given details of its interior, it is speculated that it has up to 9 cabins for about 18 people and that its price is … Well, sure that does not go below 100 million dollars.

 Scheherezade - Lurssen


7. The 7 most impressive yachts of 2020:

Sea Eagle II – Royal Huisman

Delivered in July 2020, the Sea Eagle II is by far the most beautiful (and expensive) sailboat of the year… Built at the Royal Huisman Dutch shipyard, this 81-meter-long marvel is also the seventh sailing yacht biggest in the world.

The front part of the main deck is reserved for a huge dining room for up to 12 guests, who can be accommodated in 5 spacious cabins… And of course the owners have a luxurious VIP suite reserved for them. “A superyacht that will make your head spin.”

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