What are the new electric cars that are worth it? Everything pointed to 2020 being the year of the electric car ‘explosion‘ … However, the coronavirus pandemic has caused the anticipated electric revolution to be half-done.

Car brands, which have seen their sales fall sharply in 2020, are confident of recovering in 2021: the year in which they could resurface thanks to the new electric cars that will hit the market.

And it is that all brands have something to say: from Mercedes to Volkswagen, through Peugeot, Renault and several American start-ups … Meanwhile, Tesla resists losing its status as number one among the manufacturers of new electric cars and has just present its latest update to the Model S, the new Tesla Model S Plaid.

The cards are laid out on the table. 2021 will see how the new electric cars increase in autonomy, but also in price, there will be more alternatives than ever, SUVs will be the majority (goodbye, electric compact) and new technologies and advances begin to stop being a promise. These are the new electric cars to keep track of in 2021:

The 8 best new electric cars of 2021:

1. Lucid Air Dream Edition – $ 169,000

Of the new electric cars, the Lucid Air is undoubtedly the most anticipated of the moment. Everything that surrounds this car is ‘hype‘… And it is that each new news that appears about the Lucid Air increases even more the expectation.

Its creators have conceived it as if it were a Tesla, but in luxury. Its interior is designed as if it were the cabin of a private plane, prioritizing the space and comfort of its occupants.

In fact, a configuration with executive rear seats will soon be available, with more space and almost lying down.

Meanwhile, the dashboard stands out for being an elongated touch glass screen with all the vehicle information, including the integrated Alexa voice assistant and another screen in the center console in true Tesla style.

But of course, all this (almost) is nothing compared to its specifications. The performance advertised by the Lucid Air is impressive:

Three available engines (620 hp, 800 hp and 1,080 hp for the Dream Edition), from 0-100 in 2.5 seconds, maximum speed of 270 km / h, between 653 and 832 kilometers of autonomy (depending on version), ultra-fast charging (482 kilometers in just 20 minutes).

And all of this is expected to arrive in the spring of 2021.

Tesla… what?

The 8 best new electric cars of 2021:

2. Nikola Badger – price on request

A great unknown that is getting closer to being real. With the entry of GM as a strategic partner, start-up Nikola becomes the spearhead (at least in the United States) of the introduction of hydrogen cell technology.

Nikola (not to be confused with Tesla) has already announced several trucks, which have barely passed the prototype phase.

However, the Nikola Badger is his first real and tangible project thanks to the alliance with GM. The first units of this futuristic pick-up are expected to be delivered throughout 2021.

And the truth is that its specifications are scary. Two fuels to choose from (electric or hydrogen cell), from 0-100 in 2.9 seconds, a range of 450 (electric) or 900 kilometers (hydrogen cell), thrust of up to 904 hp (455 hp minimum delivery) …

The good, that you can already pre-book; the bad, that we still do not know its price, although it is speculated that it will not fall below $ 60,000.

The 8 best new electric cars of 2021:

3. Mercedes EQA – price on request

Mercedes has been one of the last firms to enter the race for new electric cars. But in signing the star, nothing is wanted to be left to chance and that would explain (in part) the delay …

For now, this 2020 we already saw the arrival of the Mercedes EQC 400, the first of the 100% electric cars of those in Stuttgart.

Now it is the turn of the Mercedes EQA, based on the Mercedes GLA and, according to first impressions, more efficient than its older brother.

The Mercedes EQA will come with three batteries to choose from: 60, 80 and 110 kWh that will provide between 400 and 700 kilometers of autonomy.

Mercedes promises that its fast charge will allow it to reach 70% of its autonomy in 20 minutes. Although it is practically confirmed that it will not have the ultra-fast charging system of the EQC.

On the other hand, the Mecerdes EQA will have three available engines: 204 hp (front-wheel drive), 272 hp and 340 hp (with 4Matic all-wheel drive in both).

In any case, we will have to wait a little longer until the arrival of the second 100% electric Mercedes. The first units are expected to arrive in November 2020 and production will stabilize in 2021.

The price? According to German media, the Mercedes EQA will not drop below 40,000 euros in its most basic version.


The 8 best new electric cars of 2021:

4. Volkswagen ID.4 – price on request

After the recent launch of the ID.3 (the first units of the first Volkswagen electric have already been delivered, on the basis of the Golf), it is the turn of the Volkswagen ID.4.

It is Volkswagen’s first 100% electric SUV, which will be longer and taller than its little brother. The ID.4 will come in two different configurations: one with a single 204 hp rear electric motor, a (limited) top speed of 160 km / h and a 0-100 km / h of 8.5 seconds; and another with an additional engine in the front (300 hp in total), giving this version all-wheel drive.

Its autonomy is estimated at about 350 or 500 kilometers (WLTP cycle) depending on the battery we choose (52 kWh or 77 kWh).

0The first units should be delivered at the end of September 2020, for a price that would not fall below 37,000 euros.

For the more powerful Volkswagen ID.4 we will still have to wait until 2021 …


The 8 best new electric cars of 2021:

5. Peugeot E-2008 – from € 34,000

Peugeot also gets serious and already has a more than complete range of electric cars … After the E-208, the new electric car to join the family is (guess what?) An SUV, the Peugeot E-2008 specifically.

On the basis of 2008 (although almost 25 centimeters longer), Peugeot has achieved a 100% electric SUV that wants to compete face to face with the Hyundai Kona and Kia e-Niro, current references in the market.

To achieve this, Peugeot has opted for a conservative profile, aware of the pull that its brand has in the European market.

The maximum power of the E-2008 reaches 136 hp, with a maximum speed of 150 km / h and an autonomy (in WLTP cycle) of 320 kilometers thanks to its 50 kWh battery and fast charge (30 minutes to recover 80% autonomy).

Best of all, it is already available from about € 34,000 in its basic version.


The 8 best new electric cars of 2021:

6. Ford Mustang Mach E – from € 48,000

Is it a Ford Mustang? Is it an SUV? Is it an electric car? Well, in reality, the new Ford Mustang Mach E is all that… And much more.

The historic American firm does not want to be left behind in the race for new electric cars and joins the car (pun intended) with a hybrid between SUV and its popular Ford Mustang.

And it is that the manufacturers are very clear that the design of the SUV is the most efficient (at least today) to incorporate the batteries into the set.

Specifically, the Ford Mustang Mach E comes with two different configurations: a basic one with rear wheel drive and a single 258 hp engine and a range of up to 600 km.

and another premium with all-wheel drive, two engines that add 465 hp and up to 540 km. autonomy.

The price will range from € 48,000 for the basic version to € 55,000 for the all-wheel drive version (without extras in both cases).

Deliveries of the new Ford Mustang Mach E will begin in late 2020.


The 8 best new electric cars of 2021:

7. Renault Captur – coming soon

Following the traumatic departure of Carlos Ghosn from Renault, the French firm of the rhombus has undertaken a global restructuring throughout the group.

In the short term it will mean that Alpine will be the brand under which Renault competes in 2021 in the Formula 1 World Championship (with Fernando Alonso as the headliner).

Alpine will, in fact, be the French manufacturer’s luxury sports car division and the first 100% electric models are expected to arrive soon … Although not before 2022.

uevos electric cars trying to make up for lost time… After the experiences in the field of compact cars with the Twizzy and Zoe, it is time for… Yes indeed, SUVs.

Renault’s ambitious plan calls for presenting and selling its first 100% electric SUV in 2021 on the basis of the Renault Captur and later a second, larger SUV would arrive based on the Renault Koleos.

A difficult task, but Renault can take advantage of synergies with Nissan and Mitsubishi.

And it is that the three are united by a joint-venture under which they share their technology and advances in the development of electric cars …

The 8 best new electric cars of 2021:

8. Tesla Model S Plaid – € 140,000

The Tesla Battery Day event was the moment used by Elon Musk to present the latest update to his already veteran Model S: the Tesla Model S Plaid.

And it is that the Model S began to lose its leadership position (at least in specifications) in recent times with the entry of large car manufacturers to the market for new electric cars.

With the new Tesla Model S Plaid it seems that the doubts are resolved (despite the delay of the Tesla Roadster 2020, which will not arrive at least until 2021): it goes from 2 to 3 electric motors (with a delivery of 1,100 hp), a battery of at least more than 100 kWh (data to be confirmed), 840 km. autonomy (WLTP) and an impressive 320 km/h top speed and acceleration from 0-100 km / h in less than 2.1 seconds …

Figures simply unattainable for the rest. Of course, the first deliveries will not arrive until the end of 2021.

By the way, Tesla also took advantage of its Battery Day to announce that it is working on an affordable electric car for $ 25,000 .

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