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PlayStation 5 test After Microsoft, Sony releases its beast to enter the next generation of consoles. However, unlike its competitor, the Japanese firm has opted for a classic transfer from one generation to another by offering a PlayStation 5 surpassing the experience of the PlayStation 4 at all levels. But is this fifth PlayStation worth immediately or can you wait? Let’s see.

  • Price of consoles: $ 499.99 + txs (digital console) / $ 629.99 + txs (console with 4K player)

PlayStation 5 test : A heavyweight

PlayStation 5 test : The first shock you get when you unbox the PlayStation 5 is its weight. Indeed, with its 9.9 pounds, it is by far the heaviest console to have seen the light of day.

What’s more, the weight of the PlayStation 5 is a corollary to its size, again outclassing anything that has been made in the console business to date. Almost twice the size of a PlayStation 4, this fifth home console from Sony is a real elephant on the market!

What do we owe this weight and size? Simply to the fan integrated in the console. Unlike Microsoft and Nintendo who have been able to produce small consoles with compact cooling systems, Sony has failed to develop a fan small enough to be able to cool the internal components of the console when the console is on.

It wouldn’t be surprising if we got a smaller PlayStation 5 in the next few years, but right now you have to contend with a massive and rather intimidating console.

Because yes, the PlayStation 5 is intimidating. Unless you lay it down horizontally using the included stand, it’s a safe bet that your console won’t fit into your TV cabinet.

You need to plan a space large enough, ventilated and clear to position the new machine from Sony so that, if like me, you have a small TV cabinet, you will have to reconfigure your space to use it.

A console with a unique look

PlayStation 5 test : Not surprisingly, the design of the console is not unanimous. Being totally different from any console to date, the PlayStation 5 sports a look that we are not used to.

Once again, unlike Microsoft which has adopted a classic and understated look for its Xbox Series range, Sony offers us a console with a glossy finish framed by two panels.

At first glance, I felt like I had a miniature spaceship in my living room!

Up front, you will find two USB ports as well as the On / Off and Eject buttons (for editing with 4K player). Unlike the non-intuitive ones on the PlayStation 4, you’ll be able to press these buttons in order to feel a clicking sound.

Unfortunately, they are still poorly identified, so that I may still be mistaken between the start button and the one to restart the PlayStation 5.

As for the back of the machine, you will see two USB 3 ports as well as the usual ports. from any living room console (HDMI, power supply and Ethernet).

Overall, do I like this design? Let’s say that I’m as mixed as I was when I first saw the PlayStation 4. I don’t hate the futuristic look of the PlayStation 5, but I can’t say I love it yet. I’m still adapting to this big console, although I have no doubts that over time I will appreciate its appearance more and more.

One thing is certain, the blue or orange reflections lighting up and reflecting on the walls depending on the mode in which the machine is located, give it a beautiful color, practically at all times!

PlayStation 5

Between fast configuration and interminable transfer

PlayStation 5 test : Once your console is started, an automatic system will prompt you to configure it. With an Alexa-like voice assistant who will guide you verbally if you have trouble reading, the steps to set up your PlayStation 5 are disarmingly simple.

Select your preference, download some updates and presto !, in less than 10 minutes, you’ll be ready to use your new machine.

However, towards the end of the setup, you will be asked if you would like to transfer your personal data from a PlayStation 4 so that you can resume all your apps and games where you left them on your old machine.

The option is attractive, but I urge you to be careful. In fact, I suggest that you select a few titles if you wish, but nothing more, for the simple reason that a transfer between the two consoles can take a long time.

Also, if you are transferring data equivalent to over 600 GB, the transfer may take over 20 hours!

Therefore, I advise you instead to configure your console with the basic options and then download the PlayStation 4 games you want to play on your PlayStation 5.

In the majority, if not all cases, it will simply be faster as a way of doing things than having to wait while transferring between consoles without being able to do anything.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 test : Refined menus and new options everywhere

PlayStation 5 test Once the console is configured and a few games or applications installed, you will see how Sony has refined the menus while making them more quickly accessible.

Indeed, the menus of the PlayStation 5 are clean and navigating them could not be more satisfying. Unlike the PlayStation 4 interface, which was rather crowded and getting heavier to load, the various menus on the PlayStation 5 are clean, easy to access and quick to load.

The best example to illustrate this is the Trophies menu. On PlayStation 4, we had to quit a game, go to the Trophies menu, wait for our console to sync with PlayStation Network and finally see our progress in our collection of trophies.

On PlayStation 5, all you have to do is press the center button of our controller to instantly see our trophies and our progress towards obtaining them. It’s as easy as it is fast!

On the other hand, I really appreciated the presence of background music when selecting the icon of a game. Although this option should be supported by the latter, it is nice to hear a song.

music taken from an installed game rather than the platonic music from the console’s main menu. So, I enjoyed hearing a track from Spider-Man: Miles Morales and then some music from Astro’s Playroom as I alternated between the icons of these games. It’s simple, but it’s one detail that makes a difference.

Another option that I liked was Moments. Thus, depending on the game, we can press the central button of our controller to access this menu.

Thanks to the latter, you will be able to load specific moments of games to quickly access missions, training, etc. So, in a game like Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, you can load up a training ground in the blink of an eye to polish your techniques and then return to where you were in the campaign without having to leave the game.

The option is interesting, but its use will remain at the discretion of the developers, so it may be well used or completely shelved in the future.

In addition, despite the cleanliness and speed of the menus, Sony will have to make some corrections. For example, I do not understand that we cannot access the console’s power menu by pressing and holding the center button on our controller.

Instead, pressing this button will bring up the PlayStation 5 taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Then, you will have to select the desired option manually, in particular to put your console to sleep or to turn it off.

Thus, fixes to further automate certain options would be greatly appreciated, sooner rather than later.

menus trophées

Goodbye DualShock, hello DualSense!

PlayStation 5 test : Obviously, it’s hard to ignore the existence of Sony’s new controller. Thus, it says goodbye to the generations of DualShock to welcome the all new DualSense controller, which comes with the console and its charging cable. Believe me, it will surprise you!

Like the console, the weight of the DualSense is surprising. Due to the technology that was incorporated into it, the controller is heavier than any other controller on the market.

Is she too much? No, but after prolonged gaming sessions you may experience cramps in some of your joints. Not enough to cause tendonitis or go see a chiropractor, but the weight of the DualSense could cause slight discomfort after several hours of play

That said, the DualSense is very comfortable. Having big hands, I really appreciated the size of the controller. The textured surfaces gave me a better grip than the DualShock 4, and the smoother coating of the buttons made the touch more pleasant.

However, it is for this same reason that your fingers might also slip slightly. If you tend to sweat from your hands, the smoother surfaces of the DualSense could cause some slippage at times.

But beyond the outside of the controller, it’s what’s on the inside that is surprising. Indeed, the DualSense was designed to reproduce the effects of certain actions or certain surfaces within games.

What this means is that in a game like Astro’s Playroom, you will feel the grains of sand or raindrops when they appear on screen. The variations in force feedback are startling, so much so that if this technology is properly exploited, it could deepen the interaction we have with our games like no other console.

Sony also built adaptive resistance into the triggers of the DualSense and that’s where I was bowled over. Depending on what is happening on the screen, your triggers will offer more or less resistance in real time.

For example, if you have to propel your character by hanging on to a cable, your triggers will throw high resistance back at you to mimic your character’s strain.

If you shoot a gun or a bow, the triggers will adapt in real time to provide the same resistance as a gun trigger or the string of a bow. Once again, this technology could enhance the realism of our games in the palm of our hands.

In addition, like the DualShock 4, the DualSense has an integrated microphone as well as a touchpad. The microphone will send you back sounds produced by a game and you can also use it to blow in order to interact with certain objects depending on the game you are playing, this option can also be automated with a button if you do not want to use your own breath.

As for the touchpad, it is much smoother than that of the DualShock 4 while being more precise. From trying it out in Astro’s Playroom, the movements that used it were sharper and more realistic than in many games that used it on PlayStation 4.

manette DualSense

PlayStation 5 test : Solid exclusives revealing a recurring problem

Finally, where Sony has an advantage over Microsoft is in terms of exclusives. Even if they are not legion at the beginning of this new generation, Sony still has solid starting titles for its PlayStation 5.

Among these, we note the remake of Demon’s Souls, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, the excellent Spider-Man: Miles Morales and even, yep, Astro’s Playroom. While the latter is included with the console, don’t underestimate it.

This is a great platform game designed to introduce you to the capabilities of DualSense while taking you on a journey through Sony history. With this little game, Team ASOBI surprises to the point where we would have wanted more, much more!

Of course, who says better performance also means games that are more enjoyable to play. Games released this year on PlayStation 4 are much more enjoyable to play on PlayStation 5 thanks, in particular, to the reduced loading time. A game like Ghost of Tsushima has virtually no load times and offers perfect fluidity at all times. The PlayStation 5 can thus give new life to some of your old games.

However, you will have the same problem with your PlayStation 5 as with most consoles of recent years. Indeed, before long, you will run out of space. While both PlayStation 5 models include 825GB of internal memory, you’ll only have a little over 667GB free once the updates are installed. Considering the current and future sizes of games, the storage space will fill up fairly quickly.

However, the technology present in the slot of the external hard drive of the console has just entered the market. Indeed, although you could use a PlayStation 4 hard drive to run games from this console, you will need to get an external hard drive with NVMe technology for PS5 games.

However, this technology remains inaccessible for the moment. So, for now, you’ll have to make do with that limited storage space before you can get your hands on an external hard drive that will easily retail for over $ 200.

Astro's Playroom

Promising future with Sony?

I really like the PlayStation 5. Despite being as impressive as its size and a few small gaps here and there, this is a machine that surprises and holds the promise of a very promising future for video games.

To that end, the DualSense controller alone steals the show, offering technology that could pave the way to a level of immersion like no other console if harnessed properly.

I can’t wait for next year as some big guns are expected from Sony. I can’t wait to see the next Horizon, the new Ratchet or even the long-awaited sequel to God of War catapult sales of this extraordinary console!

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