Test of the game Hyrule Warriors : Age of Calamity


Test of the game Hyrule Warriors : What have in common The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Hyrule warriors ? They were not unanimous. While many loved them, others absolutely hated them. So, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Will he manage to reunite all the fans of these two games? Let’s just say that the past could well be a guarantee of the future!

  • Available on: Nintendo Switch
  • Price: $ 79.99 + txs

Test of the game Hyrule Warriors : What if it had happened otherwise …

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity takes place 100 years before the events of Breath of the Wild. If you’ve played the latter, you know that was precisely when the Kingdom of Hyrule collapsed to make way for the advent of Calamity Ganon. This is how you will see how the King of Hyrule attempted to fight this scourge with the help of Link and the champions of the realm, and you will witness the unveiling of the terrible power lying dormant in a certain Princess Zelda.

However, if you thought thatAge of Calamity would be the official prologue to Breath of the Wild, you will be disappointed. Although the game was advertised as such, it is more of an adventure taking place in a parallel universe. It explains the events that took place before Breath of the Wild, but whose course was modified thanks to the intervention of a small guardian robot from the future. What’s more, Nintendo has already mentioned that they don’t have plans to develop the story ofAge of Calamity beyond the latter. So, don’t see this derivative as a title that is part of the official narrative line of Breath of the Wild, but rather as a game inspired by the latter without being officially linked to it.

Still, that doesn’t mean the storyline isn’t interesting. In fact, we are entitled to very intriguing situations which deepen our knowledge of the characters of Breath of the Wild. In addition, if you enjoyed the latter, you will be delighted to see the progress of the young Impa or the development of Zelda, tormented between her fate and the fear of facing it. Even if we would have liked better development in the second part of the game as well as for certain characters (including Link, who only occupies a secondary place), fans of Breath of the Wild will still appreciate the narrative treatment reserved for their favorite heroes!

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

Test of the game Hyrule Warriors : The style musou always so efficient

LikeHyrule warriors, Age of Calamity is a type game musou. Thus, the goal is the same as in any game borrowing the style popularized by the franchise. Dynasty Warriors: slaughter thousands and thousands of enemies and capture checkpoints.

While some style games musou are more or less convincing, KOEI Tecmo has managed to relax some elements ofAge of Calamity in order to make it accessible to all. Thus, it is very easy to get caught up in the game in order to slaughter phenomenal amounts of monsters from Breath of the Wild without breaking your head. Regardless of the character embodied, combos are easy to achieve and you will have almost instant pleasure to kill off all those opponents waiting for you on the battlefield.

Furthermore, even if combat is the cornerstone of the adventure, exploration is also encouraged. Also, killing opponents and smashing items will allow you to get your hands on resources. These will be useful to you outside of missions to improve your arsenal and concoct recipes. Of course, weapons can be found all over the place, all of which have a power value as in Breath of the Wild. Even the infamous little Koroks are present on every battlefield, waiting for you to find them to give you rewards!

On the other hand, KOEI Tecmo has improved the system of allies ofHyrule warriors. Now you can easily give orders to other heroes who will join you on a battlefield to move to a specific point or perform certain actions. Thus, unlike Hyrule warriors where allies did anything, your orders will be better followed and you will really increase your chances of dominating a battlefield. Switching between your heroes is also amazingly fast, allowing you to cover a large area while dividing your forces well.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

Test of the game Hyrule Warriors : In the spirit of Breath of the Wild

If, likeHyrule warriors with The Legend of Zelda, the style musou goes well with that of Breath of the Wild, KOEI Tecmo made sure to keep the spirit of the franchise’s latest game The Legend of Zelda. Therefore, in addition to enemies and resources drawn from it, you will find many mechanics that were introduced in the universe ravaged by Calamity Ganon.

As I mentioned, you will be able to cook dishes. However, rather than adding ingredients one by one to your recipes, you can prepare them all at once between your missions. Equipping yourself with a dish for a battle will improve certain statistics of your characters, which inevitably brings to mind the bonuses of dishes from Breath of the Wild.

Your weapons can also be improved using a forge that you quickly unlock during your adventure. While your characters will accumulate experience by eliminating enemies, the power of your weapons will increase by merging other weapons that you find in them. While some weapons will naturally be more powerful than others, a single sword or single branch can potentially be upgraded for multiple missions. Ah !, and for those who hated the crumbly arms of Breath of the Wild, those ofAge of Calamity do not break!

The powers of the Sheikah tablet are also making a comeback and are very well established in the game. Thus, you will find the main powers of Breath of the Wild which will allow you in particular to erect blocks of ice, to stop time momentarily and to send bombs. Faced with tougher enemies, these powers are crucial since they will allow you to stop their most powerful attacks. In other words, when you see an icon of one of your powers appearing, it will be the indicator to use it in order to destabilize the enemy and reveal their weak point. Just like in Breath of the Wild, this will be when you can hit him to weaken him and expose him to an overpowered attack, which is particularly enjoyable when well executed!

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity

Test of the game Hyrule Warriors : Dozens of hours of fun await you!

I remember my astonishment at the content ofHyrule warriors. The latter not only had a busy campaign, but also a host of other modes and options that easily totaled over a hundred hours of play. Age of Calamity does not have to be ashamed in this chapter.

Indeed, the latest KOEI Tecmo also contains tens and tens of hours of play. In addition, you will see that there are several characters to unlock, all with their own particularities. For example, Daruk hits extremely hard, but is rather slow, while Impa can replace enemies with copies of herself. The sheer number of playable characters is surprising, and upgrading them all to the max is a long-term task, albeit very entertaining as well.

Otherwise, on the same card as that of Breath of the Wild, you will unlock a bewildering number of activities. Indeed, in each region of the world, dozens and dozens of quests will be waiting for you. From main missions to side quests to simple tasks aimed at helping citizens, each activity completed will grant you various bonuses. However, the more you complete, the more you will unlock and the more you will open up the possibilities of the game in order to realize how Age of Calamity is colossal.

Nevertheless, I must admit that I was disappointed by the absence of an Adventure mode like that ofHyrule warriors. I am aware thatAge of Calamity is a game inspired by Breath of the Wild and not the entire franchise The Legend of Zelda, but I would still have liked to find a similar mode offering a multitude of different quests through a map bringing back memories to the oldest fans among us. In fact, I would have graciously taken a more diverse mode like this rather than the dozens of main mode quests that involved simply harvesting resources.


Pleasure has a price

Test of the game Hyrule Warriors : If it is undeniable thatAge of Calamity is a good game, there is a price to pay for mixing the style musou in the universe of Breath of the Wild. This price is neither more nor less than the more than average performance of the game.

Visually, if you liked Breath of the Wild, You will like Age of Calamity. The same visual style is echoed there with its magnificent cutscenes and the particular grain of the most recent chapter of the franchise. The Legend of Zelda. Even if some animations and textures leave something to be desired, the game is nonetheless pretty and diverse depending on the region of the world in which you are fighting.

However, it is at the level of fluidity that everything is spoiled. Indeed, the game never runs at 60 frames per second, rather fluctuating around 30 frames / second. Worse, when there are a lot of enemies and visual effects on the screen, smoothness can drop to as low as 10fps! For a game that relies on speed, this is problematic. What’s more, the whole thing only grows when playing with two players.

In portable mode, this problem is a little less present for the simple reason that the number of enemies visible on the screen is less. On the other hand, this implies that the game must load monsters to fight more regularly, sometimes giving the right to sequences where you end up with few monsters while the game loads them.

In short, either we sacrifice fluidity in television mode, or we are entitled to more regular loads of opponents in portable mode. In either case, it shows that the game is not optimized and that the limits of the Nintendo Switch are very real.

 Age of Calamity

Should you play it?

Test of the game Hyrule Warriors : Although it could have been further optimized, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is a solid type game musou. Is it better thanHyrule warriors ? It all depends on your appreciation of the latter, but it is undeniable that it improves some of its mechanics while offering a better story as well as a level of action as high. It may not be the official prologue promised, but it is nonetheless an excellent outlet that will make millions of fans smile. Breath of the Wild worldwide !


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