Quit tobacco : 8 reasons why you need therapy to quit tobacco


Quit tobacco : Around 30% of the population smokes tobacco, being the most widespread addiction and one of the leading causes of unnatural death. Because as nice as the woman from the tobacconist may seem, burn tar and swallow the toxic fumes that it gives off, natural natural is not.

Nearly 8 million people die worldwide each year from a legal substance that causes addiction and a host of deadly diseases. If you smoke, surely you have become familiar with the ugly photos of the tobacco packages; And yes, that can happen to you one day if you don’t stop smoking as soon as possible.

Among all the possible remedies that are promoted to stop smoking, the one that has been scientifically proven to be the most effective is psychotherapy (Everything else works by mere placebo effect, that is, by pure chance).

Quit tobacco : 8 reasons why you are interested in starting therapy (as soon as possible) to overcome your addiction to tobacco

In this article I will explain why psychotherapy is the best option for you to overcome your addiction to nicotine. At the end of the article I will tell you a very good way to start.

1. You will have someone to accompany you in the process (and who knows what they are doing)

Quit tobacco : The Internet is a marvel that has allowed us to share a lot of knowledge and ideas for free all over the planet. Now, in addition to the kitten videos, there are also many hoaxes, false information and scams.

The main advantage of hiring a psychologist to help you quit smoking is that can provide solutions adapted to your specific case (Yes, even if your brother-in-law also smokes, don’t smoke in the same way, so the same solution won’t work for both of you). An expert in your problem, who has helped many other people with difficulties very similar to yours, and who already knows which approaches work best for each case. Many sensible people would say that this is priceless.

2. You will know in depth the origins of your addiction

Quit tobacco : It does not matter how many motivational phrases you repeat or how many talks and conferences you swallow: If you don’t understand how addictions work and how yours was forged, it is very difficult for you to get out of it. Why? Because surely you will continue to make the same mistakes of the past over and over again. And those mistakes will lead to the same result: keep smoking. The good news is that a specialized psychologist will ask you questions and help you understand what is important and what is not.

Most people are surprised to find that by the end of the first session they see their problem completely differently. So much so that many times they run to tell their relatives what they have learned in their first session and how good they already feel.

3. You will get along better with your neuras

Quit tobacco : Many smokers report that what they find most difficult is to stop thinking about tobacco and their urge to smoke at certain times of the day. So difficult that that worry and desire to light a cigarette does not allow them to sleep well, does not allow them to concentrate well when working or studying, and their struggle with tobacco (and what it means in their life) overshadows everything else.

4. You will learn techniques (proven) to get rid of cravings for smoking

Quit tobacco : If you choose a specialized psychologist, after telling you your case, he or she will be able to advise you on the best course of action in your circumstances, as well as the best steps to reach your destination. He is not going to tell you what occurred to him that morning when he got out of bed, but what has proven in many cases of therapy (and with scientific evidence) what works and it really helps people to smoke less or even quit completely in no time.

5. You will feel less guilt and more confidence Nobody, absolutely nobody smokes because they want to.

Quit tobacco : People smoke because they don’t know how to be without smoking. Cast awakens all kinds of unpleasant emotions, such as guilt, shame, frustration, feeling of failure A psychologist will help you work on these emotions and change the way you see things and how you feel.

You will also begin to experience progress (less craving to smoke, fewer cigarettes smoked) and you will feel much more confident, seeing that a change is possible.

6. They will teach you strategies to avoid relapses in the future

Quit tobacco : As I often explain, the main reason so many people fail in their attempts to quit smoking is to skip that phase of self-awareness and subsequent preparation of an effective relapse prevention strategy.

Why, sooner or later, everyone has a more difficult time, a life crisis, an argument with their partner, some social event where there are many people smoking, and the chances of relapse will multiply.

The psychologist will help you work out different strategies to prevent you from smoking again once you have quit. So that the “last cigarette” is really the last.

7. You can help other people around you to quit tobacco

Quit tobacco :  By getting the first changes (or even quitting altogether), the rest of smokers around you will start to get curious, and they will be much more likely to ask for help just like you.

The best thing you can do is share your progress with others, so that they will be encouraged and convinced that it is possible for them too, if they put themselves in the hands of a professional.

 8. You will quit smoking permanently (forever)

Achieve the long-awaited victory against tobacco and the tobacco industry. Recover your life, your freedom, and feel more vitality than ever.

Quit tobacco : What is the first step to quit smoking

Quit tobacco : I suggest an exercise. It is so simple, so simple, that it is super effective.

Take a sheet of paper and take a few minutes to write down the reasons why you want to quit smoking. It may seem obvious, but this simple gesture will help you clarify your objectives and set goals. It is without a doubt the best way to start your path to life without smoke.

The second step is to contact a professional, and make an appointment. I am an addiction psychologist and have been helping hundreds of people quit smoking for years. Get in touch with me and I’ll tell you how.


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