Audi RS e-tron GT prototype: this would be an electric RS

Motor fans tend to fall into the obviousness of thinking that past times were better. It makes our skin crawl to hear the atmospheric propellants spinning up or the unfiltered exhausts, which expel a melody difficult to describe. However, electrical technology has some irreproachable advantages. Engineers’ ability to extract all the power of an electric motor is incomparable to that of a gasoline block, which always has certain losses in thermal efficiency. Electrification is here to stay, so we better get used to the idea and look for the positive side. Starting with the climatic urgency that has brought us to the current point of no return, a key moment for humanity and our planet. But if the environment does not concern you, in this article we explain why it should, you can look for the emotional side with models such as Audi RS e-tron GT prototype. This masterpiece of technology serves as the first sketch of what is to come in the signature of the earrings. We still do not know anything about the future Audi RS but we do know one thing: they are ready to transfer all the knowledge gleaned from their participation in Formula E.

We have spoken to you countless times about the importance of competition in the development of production models. Many firms, from Mazda to Citroën to Audi, use racing as a test bed for new automotive inventions. This Audi RS e-tron GT prototype is an excellent example, as it is a production e-tron car incorporating the latest innovations from Formula E. At the end of the summer, Lucas di Grassí, team driver Audi Sport ABT Scherffler of the electric formula, sat behind the wheel of this car in Neuburg.

The aim of this test session was for a Gran Circo driver to test the tweaks to the air suspension, adaptive damping and the steering wheel system. He shared his findings with three people in charge of the development of the e-tron GT, who were dying to know if a Gran Turismo can thrill a rider like di Grassi. An expert behind the wheel who is also UN international ambassador for clean air.

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