WhatsApp: how to activate self-destructing messages

Actually, and although it is great to be able to save memories of our family and friends, most conversations that are held on WhatsApp are inconsequential and it does not make much sense to archive them.

These self-destructing messages can be triggered for specific chats or groups, and by doing so WhatsApp will automatically delete messages within seven days of being sentTime that is considered sufficient to be able to follow the thread of the conversation without missing anything, but beyond which it does not make much sense to keep the history either.

As we have already mentioned, temporary WhatsApp messages can be activated in private conversations or in groups, although For groups, it will be the administrator or administrators who can activate or deactivate them.

Characteristics of temporary messages

If you reply by quoting a temporary message, the message will not disappear.

Keep in mind that if you don’t open WhatsApp for seven days, temporary messages will disappear, although notifications can continue to be displayed.

If you make a backup before the messages disappear, these will also be saved, and will be deleted when you restore from a backup.

If you forward a temporary message to a chat with temporary messages turned off, the message will not disappear in that chat.

And what about photos and videos?

With regard to multimedia files, everything will depend on how you have configured their download. If these are automatically downloaded to the mobile photos, they will not self-destruct. To make them disappear as well, you must disable automatic download.

How to activate temporary messages

On both Android and iPhone, you must open the WhatsApp chat by touching the name of the contact and then “Temporary messages”. If prompted, click “Continue” and then select the “Enabled” option. To deactivate them you will have to do the reverse path.

To activate or deactivate the messages that self-destruct in the groups you must do the same, but You will only have that option if you are the administrator.

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