WhatsApp: how to recover photos deleted by mistake

If you have mistakenly deleted some photos from WhatsApp and want to recover them, you are in the right place. Many users suffer from this type of situation. Accidentally deleting photos is a very common thing and it happens to a lot of people. You shouldn’t feel bad about it. The problem would arise when it is impossible to recover them. SoHow do we recover them?

The WhatsApp developers provided a backup file function long ago, but you should know that photos are not always recovered with this method. Next step?

It is not so difficult. Recovering a lost image can be even easier than we think. First of all, we can verify if the person (or people) with whom we have shared said photo have a copy of it. Then, we would only have to ask for it to be forwarded to us. In the same way, if you uploaded an image to a WhatsApp group and then deleted it, it is also likely that someone will keep it and can forward it to you.

In the event that we have not shared the photos with anyone or they do not keep them either. What to do?

The easiest way to recover lost photos is through a backup. Both the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp support backups (to Google Drive and iCloud respectively). If it hasn’t been long since you lost the pictures, you can restore your last backup. It would be the fastest and most efficient option. Of course, this requires that you have enabled the backup function before deleting the image or images.

If you have a backup between the time you sent the picture messages and their deletion, you can easily go back to the backup section and restore the last backup from the WhatsApp application.

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