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After breaking the traditional mold of consoles of each generation, Microsoft is finally launching the real successor to its Xbox One line. While the popularity of the Xbox One has not lived up to its expectations, Microsoft is banking on two new console models as well as its Xbox Gamepass service to win the hearts of millions of gamers across the board. world. However, the range Xbox series is it worth it now or is it better to wait? Let’s see.

A smooth transition

Even if we are talking about a new generation of consoles, Microsoft is not making an aggressive transition. Certainly the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X are more powerful than the Xbox One models available for years, but some elements have barely changed to make it easier to pass from one generation to the next.

First of all, as every Xbox One owner has noticed, the interface has changed over the past few weeks. Therefore, if you switch from an Xbox One to a Xbox series, you will be entitled to the same interface as well as the same menus as those of the last few weeks. Once the console has been configured using a few parameters, you can create a new profile or transfer the one you already have. Everything is done with disconcerting ease thanks to the Xbox application, which you must download to your smartphone to configure your Xbox series.

The controller itself has only undergone a few changes. Thus, the triggers and sides have been textured. Result: the hands as well as the fingers slip less, allowing a slightly firmer grip. The feel is nice, although it doesn’t change much when playing.

Otherwise, the directional cross has been slightly raised and matches that proposed on the Elite controller. You can feel and hear the clicking sound more when pressing an arrow, which is more interesting in a game that requires a lot of use of the cross. A share button has also been added to the center of the controller so you can capture and share images or gameplay footage instantly. Considering the popularity of broadcast platforms and social media, automating the process is more than welcome for those who enjoy delivering content.

Important fact to note: although Xbox One controllers are compatible with Xbox series, the charging kits are not with the new controllers of these models. Indeed, the USB port of the controller Xbox series is a USB-C and not a mini USB. So if you don’t want to use batteries and take advantage of the new controller, you’ll need to get a specific charging kit for the game. Xbox series retailing at $ 30. Too bad that, unlike its competitors, Microsoft has still chosen this old model of controller with batteries rather than having included a charging wire with the console.

Xbox Series S
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Xbox Series S: the featherweight of Microsoft

If the controller and the interface have undergone few changes with this transition, it is different for the console models. Having been able to get hold of a Xbox Series S, so I will tell you more about this model rather than the edition Xbox Series X.

At first glance, what is striking is the small size of the machine. In fact, compared to Xbox One models, its small size means that it can be inserted into any type of furniture, both horizontally and vertically. Its featherweight also amazed me since it weighs only 4.25 pounds. Used to the 8.4 pounds of the Xbox One X, let’s say I had a shock!

Once started, I could literally have heard a fly fly as the console is so silent. Even if its large fan is clearly visible on the top, no sound is noticeable. To give you an idea, a game like Watch Dogs: Legion made me feel like my Xbox One X had turned into a jet. Sure Xbox series, nothing; everything gave way to the normal sounds of the game.

In terms of ports, just like on Xbox One X, you will find a USB port on the front of the console. At the back, you can connect two USB devices, in addition to finding the usual ports for HDMI, the Ethernet connection and a wall outlet. A slightly larger slot is also reserved for the new model of external hard drive developed for the Xbox series.

In short, at the model level Xbox Series S, it is a featherweight and silent console that Microsoft has concocted for us. If the aesthetics are reminiscent of a hot plate, it is nonetheless a nice little console that won’t take up much space, no matter where you decide to place it.

Xbox Series S
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Gamepass, the essential

If you are thinking of buying a model Xbox series, you are probably asking yourself two questions: which games are worth your while and which model to choose? Well, here are some answers to guide you in your choice.

As for the games, let’s face it, the Xbox series has very few enticing titles for its launch. With the exception of Gears Tactics, The Falconeer and Tetris Effect: Connected (which is a multiplayer version of Tetris Effect), the console doesn’t really have exclusives. In this sense, the postponement of Halo: Infinite see you next year hurts.

Microsoft has instead relied on improved games for its new line of consoles. In addition, games such as Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Watch Dogs: Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Dirt 5 will be available with enhancements that take advantage of the capabilities of these new consoles. For trying some of these games on Xbox One and Xbox series, I can assure you that we notice the improvement of visual effects as well as the reduction of loading times. For example, a loading of ten seconds in Watch Dogs: Legion, I went to about 2-3 seconds. The impatient will be delighted!

Having said that, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you subscribe to the Xbox Gamepass service. Without having several exclusives, Microsoft offers an excellent gaming service in terms of quality / price ratio. For $ 20 per month, you have access to a library of more than a hundred games, including games from Microsoft studios as well as several great independent hits and famous companies. Xbox Gamepass also gives you all the privileges of the Xbox Live Gold service, which I think will likely be phased out in favor of Xbox Gamepass.

Thus, the purchase of a Xbox series Requires an Xbox Gamepass subscription.

Xbox Gamepass

Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X?

Regarding the console model, to be frank, I have difficulty recommending the Xbox Series S compared to the Xbox Series X. Despite a price difference of around $ 200 between the two models ($ 399.99 for the Xbox Series S vs. $ 599.99 for the Xbox Series X), the investment for the Model X is definitely worth it.

First of all, the 12 teraflops of power present in the Xbox Series X will quickly become useful as more games emerge. This is especially true if you plan to exploit all of the more advanced visual elements of your games such as HDR and ray tracing. Although the Xbox Series S supports it all, its lower power means you will feel the repercussions in the near future than you might think.

Then the Xbox Series S will not allow you to view your games in pure 4K. Indeed, the console can produce images in 1080p or, at best, in 1440p with a rate of 120 images / second. The console can therefore improve images to give 4K, but without naturally generating this resolution. It is the opposite for the Xbox Series X which, due to its greater power, can output 4K natively and can enhance the picture to output 8K. If you are one of the most visually demanding gamers, again the Model X is the best choice.

Another fact: the Xbox Series S is a console dedicated to digital. Thus, unlike the Xbox Series X, it does not have a Blu-ray / 4K player. To play movies or just to run your physical games from previous Xbox generations, you’ll need to fall back on the Model X.

Finally, the storage space is rather strange. Indeed, even if it is 100% dedicated to digital, the Xbox Series S has half the internal storage space of the Xbox Series X ! Model S only offers 512 GB while Model X offers a 1 TB internal hard drive. With the size of current games, 512 GB is too little and it is likely to get worse over the next few years or even worse. the next few months.

What’s more, the 512 GB does not represent all of the available space. When you start the console, the operating system should install. Then, you will have some updates to make. Thus, from a 512 GB, you will go to a little more than 360 GB. With games that can exceed 100 GB, that leaves too little free space to enjoy your console.

Inevitably, you will have to fall back on external hard drives to increase storage space. However, for games that are improved or downright designed for Xbox series, Xbox One hard drives are obsolete due to the too low transmission rate between the hard drive and the console’s internal memory. You will therefore have to fall back on a new external hard drive for games. Xbox series which, if you ignore it, sells for no less than $ 300! The whole is expensive to compensate for the lack of storage, especially for the S model.

Xbox Series S / X
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Buy or not buy an Xbox Series?

In short, despite the postponement of Halo: Infinite, Microsoft went ahead and launched its Xbox series. As is already the case with the Xbox One, the subscription to the Xbox Gamepass service allows you to enjoy a host of games for a ridiculous monthly fee. However, even if this service represents the best video game offer at the moment, Microsoft will have to make sure to quickly have some exclusives in hand, otherwise history will repeat itself for the benefit of its competitors.

Moreover, even if I cannot understand certain decisions such as the limited internal storage space or the absence of a USB wire for the controller, the purchase of a Xbox Series X it’s worth it. The improvements in optimized games are appreciable and we will see games designed for this new line of consoles released throughout the next year. As for the Model S, unless you don’t have the budget and are comfortable with a console that generates 1080p and not native 4K, I don’t see how a difference of $ 200 could push you to choose. a lower console than its sister, and this, on almost all levels.

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