The solar system will disappear much sooner than we thought

We are not isolated

But it is that we must not only take into account for this prediction the dynamics of the objects but also the evolution of the Sun that will transform dramatically as it ages outside the main sequence, increasing to a size that surrounds the orbits of Mercury, Venus and the Earth and losing almost half of its mass over the next 5 billion years. The Sun, turned into a red giant, will swallow these closest worlds.

This loss of mass carried into space by stellar winds will loosen the Sun’s gravitational grip on the remaining planets, Mars, and the outer gas and ice giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. So, although the outer planets will survive this evolution, they will not escape unscathed: the loss of weight of our Sun, already transformed into a white dwarf, will cause the outer planets to move further away, weakening their attachment to our solar system.

In addition, the rest of the stars must be taken into account. As the solar system orbits the galactic center, other stars would eventually get close enough to disrupt the orbits of the planets. “By taking into account the loss of stellar mass and the inflation of the orbits of the outer planets, these encounters will be more influential,” the authors wrote. “Given enough time, some of these flybys will get close enough to dissociate, or destabilize, the remaining planets.”

Simulations show that within about 30 billion years, stellar flybys will have disrupted both our outer planets, causing the stable configuration to become chaotic and Throw most giant planets out of the solar system.

Following this event, the giant planets will independently roam the galaxy, joining other free-floating planets without host stars.

Of course, these new data are not set in stone, since they depend on current observations of the local galactic environment and estimates of stellar flybys, something that can logically change. Be that as it may, there are still many billions of years to go before it all ends.

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