WhatsApp: How to prevent a contact from seeing your profile picture

Among the changes in the privacy policy and the evolution that WhatsApp is undergoing in this regard, there are several mechanisms to improve the security and privacy of the user. One of these modifications is the possibility of applying restrictions to certain contacts. Don’t you want others to see your profile picture?

Ways to do it

The simplest method is also the most restrictive. The most effective and quick way for someone not to see our profile picture is … to block that contact in WhatsApp. Blocking it (contact-> right drop-down menu-> More-> Block) will automatically prevent you from seeing our profile picture and status. What happens is that by blocking it we will not be able to continue talking to that person, because communications through WhatsApp will be completely blocked (you will not be able to talk to that person or add them to groups) and maybe this is not your intention.

Other less radical ways

There are other reversible ways. In just a few simple steps we will see how to hide the profile photo on WhatsApp and if, after a while, you change your mind, you can easily return to the state of before and make your profile photo available for that or other temporarily censored contacts.

How to hide your profile picture from anyone

There can be many reasons why you may not want your friends / contacts to see your profile picture. It doesn’t really matter the reason, you can limit the visibility of your WhatsApp profile photo and instead display a white silhouette on a gray background. How to do it?

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to Settings → Account → Privacy
  • Tap the profile picture
  • Select: Nobody

Ready. From now on none of your contacts will be able to see your profile picture.

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