How to recognize an addict?

The capacity of know how to recognize recognize that a person is addicted It is, ultimately, something that can only be done with guarantees by a health professional; However, it is also important that citizens know how to detect warning signs that indicate the probability that someone has developed a pathology of this type.

Therefore, in this article we will look at several key ideas about how to recognize that someone is addicted.

What two types of addictions are there?

To be able to recognize addiction and know the aspects that reveal the behavior of an addicted person, a distinction needs to be made between two types of addictions.

Substance addictions

First of all, we can find the so-called substance addiction, which is what is commonly known as drug addiction. This group includes all those situations in which a substance, a specific element that we can feel, is what alters the body and its functioning.

Some substances that belong to this group are the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Cannabis
  • Cocaine
  • Nicotine

Addictions without substance

The fact that there is no specific physical element whose consumption generates sudden changes in mental state does not make this group less dangerous. What’s more, the addictions that are framed are becoming more common.

Non-substance addictions are those in which the person develops a dependence on something that is not per se a substance, but which has an equally addictive effect. Some examples are:

  • The game
  • Sex
  • Shopping
  • The job

Each of these groups has its own characteristics, characteristics that allow us to recognize addiction in both cases. And these common aspects are what we are going to talk about next.

How to know if someone is addicted?

In some cases it can be difficult to detect a case of addiction, and if we do not do it in time, it may be late. Being alert and knowing these 5 signs we can recognize an addicted person.

1. There is no self-control

This is the easiest to recognize in another person. One of the most common phrases in someone who suffers from an addiction is “I can quit whenever I want”. However, this is a fallacy, a way of deceiving yourself when you see that you cannot control anything, that it is the addiction that controls the person.

Let’s take an example. When a person begins to play for fun and little by little he sees how he cannot stop doing it, that is the moment when he begins to lose control. Is stronger than the person. Play to feel emotions.

This, sooner or later, makes those around the addicted person suspect that something is wrong. Not only do you spend more time on that dependency, but it is getting harder and harder to let go.

2. Another symptom of addiction: impulsiveness

Something characteristic of addicted people is that they change, become more nervous and impulsive. Nervousness is also accompanied by other indicators, such as increased irritability, sweating and even the tendency to speak in a fast way.

This prevents this person from relaxing and the only thing he can think about is going out to satisfy his need to play, to use drugs or to carry out the activity that is according to his addiction.

3. The physical is also affected

It is a fact that the only thing the addict wants is to consume what he depends on, whether or not it is a substance. Usually this causes disorders in sleep or eating, not to mention that you experience changes in your body.

Some of these changes are, for example, the appearance of dark circles, a lot of weight loss or constant drowsiness. In the case of a workaholic, it is common for them to lose sleep and hunger. This will cause you to have a lot of headaches and general physical discomfort.

4. The mood

Yes, mood changes also occur in a person with an addiction. You usually experience very sharp ups and downs in your mood, going very quickly from sadness to anger or anxiety.

The reason for these changes is that a significant chemical imbalance occurs in the brain, and it is what leads to this state. An example might be a person addicted to cocaine. At a certain moment he is very irascible, but in a second he goes into a state of euphoria, to complete the journey in the most heartbreaking cry.

5. Feeling of abandonment of your life

The addiction causes an absolute abandonment of everything, habits, people and customs. What it causes is the disconnection of everything and everyone.


To conclude, it should be noted that each person is different, and that although each case must be treated individually, it is good to consider and know these common features in order to be attentive. Addiction is something that must be tackled as soon as possible.