The most beautiful landscapes in Mexico

By its size, Mexico is the fourteenth largest country in the world, as well as the fifth in America (after Canada, the United States, Brazil and Argentina). We are talking about a country bathed by two oceans (the Pacific and the Atlantic with the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea) and with a length of about 3,200 meters between its furthest points. To the north, it shares an extensive border (3,226 linear kilometers) with the United States, mostly delimited by the Rio Grande, and to the south with Guatemala and Belize. Due to this, it is very difficult to make a selection from a few landscapes of the country, since the territory of Mexico covers a very extensive and diverse geography, with highly variable climates and conditions from one point to another.

Around 85% of the country is occupied by mountain ranges, plateaus, and valleys and the Western and Eastern Madre mountains running parallel to both coasts. Seismic and volcanic activity is very frequent in Mexico, and some of its highest peaks are also very active volcanoes that register periodic eruptions that put various population centers on alert. The Mexican relief also includes coastal plains in the east and northwest of the country, and in the northernmost part is the Yucatan peninsula, which stands out for the absence of important rivers and mountains, but through whose subsoil runs a whole network of underground waters that forms various cavities and underwater pools: the famous cenotes.

In Mexico it is possible to bathe in paradisiacal beaches with crystalline waters, snorkel among turtles in coral reefs, walk through a desert of white gypsum dunes, climb active volcanoes, admire waterfalls and canyons several tens of meters high, visit Mayan ruins and of other pre-Columbian civilizations, tread snow on glaciers or enter remote jungles populated by ancient ethnic groups. But nevertheless, some of the most famous places in Mexico can also die of success due to the impact of crowded and disorderly tourism. Fortunately, in some of these places, measures are already being taken to regain ecological balance and favor a less impressive visiting regime. For example, in the Marietas islands, mentioned in this gallery, only 117 travelers attend a day, and tourist boats cannot exceed fifteen passengers.

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