Decalogue for a (more) safe Christmas

Imagine that cigarette smoke is the coronavirus

This virus is silent and bloody. It is transmitted by air, by aerosols. Aerosol transmission has to be thought of as tobacco smoke. When someone smokes next to you, imagine that the smoke is the coronavirus. You breathe it like you breathe smoker’s smoke. After spending time with him, all his clothes smell of tobacco. Well, the same is the coronavirus. Also, before people show any symptoms of the disease (presymptomatic), they can be contagious. And to make it even more complicated, most infected people will never have symptoms (asymptomatic), they will not know they are infected but they can transmit the virus.

The infective dose, the amount of virus particles that are needed to initiate an infection, also appears to be very low. All this explains the tremendous success that this virus has had in transmitting itself with such speed all over the planet and make it so difficult to control.

We know what we have to do to minimize contagion (I say minimize because avoiding it completely is almost impossible): prevent the virus from entering our lungs (mask), avoid entry by touching contaminated objects (hand hygiene), avoid breathing near others people (distance). We know that closed places, with many people, very close together, with poor ventilation pose a much greater risk of contagion. And we know that the more we raise our voice, the more infectious particles we can exhale, so we must avoid yelling or singing. The time factor is also very important: the longer we are exposed, the greater the risk of contagion.

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