They present the largest drone in the world

What is already the world’s largest drone will serve as the first stage of its launch system smallsat and as an excellent competitor in an increasingly crowded market with small launches. Aevum promises a rapid response service enabled by this autonomous aircraft model that can take off from any runway with just a mile long.

The Ravn X will take off, unleash the rocket-propelled payload once it reaches the specified drop zone, land on the runway, and return fully autonomously.

“Now we will begin to carry out the tests that are required for the certification of airworthiness and the granting of launch licenses,” Skylus exposed.

Overcoming regulatory challenges to fly a rocket-launching unmanned aerial vehicle it will be difficult, “but it is necessary for the market we are looking for”, clarifies the CEO. The goal is to offer a reliable service cwith a minimal logistical footprint.

Not in vain the company already has $ 1 billion insured in government contracts with the US Space Force and other agencies. The new space age has already begun. The company will now begin ground tests with the aim of obtaining flight certification and officially starting operations within 18 months once you pass regulatory hurdles.

Ravn X is part of Aevum’s new satellite launch program, which they call Autonomous Launch which has multiple intelligent and self-managed systems, from calculating weather conditions to unmanned piloting of delivery vehicles. Also, not using human pilots would completely eliminate the risk associated with entering orbit.

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