The best science fiction series of all time

Any plot attributed to the science fiction genre generally includes elements such as scenarios from the future, advanced technologies, and life on distant planets whose constellations are unrecognizable to us, But not everything there is pure science fiction. Increasingly, our real world is eating away at what years ago we would have called science fiction. Be that as it may, today we will present you the “brightest” series that we have had the pleasure of enjoying for a while at this time.

In the last 25 years, television went from being the second course of cinema to become a storytelling format in its own right that attracts the biggest names in entertainment both behind and in front of the camera. It’s no wonder that much of what constitutes “prestige” television has fallen into one of our favorite genres, science fiction. Today we will introduce you to many of the science fiction series that helped us get to where we are, in the Golden Age.

This list includes full-length sci-fi TV shows like Doctor Who, as well as some canceled series that we still find great within the genre. Sci-fi television shows have been around for decades, and some of the older series will appear in this category. Series like Star Trek have enjoyed various incarnations, and the favorite series of a great amount of followers like Firefly or The X-Files went from television to the big screen.

Now, thanks to the number of channels and platforms such as SyFy, The CW, Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime or Disney +, every year new science fiction television series such as The Expanse, Lost in Space or The 100 continue to rise. audience ratings and increasing fan bases. Netflix has contributed a lot to the science fiction genre with its original series Stranger Things, for example, which received rave reviews, as well as many others, including current bets on Altered Carbon, Black Mirror, or the comic Upload.

The truth is that, currently, there are so many series available on the screen of our television (or laptop, tablet or phone) that it is probably impossible for you to follow them all. There is too much television for the average human brain to filter at the same time it is broadcast! And with budgets for television on the rise, andThis platform is in better shape than ever, especially in the realms of science fiction and fantasy.

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