How to easily share files between Mac, iPhone and iPad with Airdrop

AirDrop offers us the possibility to choose to enable it only for our contacts, or for all users. We must bear in mind that the Contacts option requires much more work, since to use it it is necessary that both we and the person with whom we want to use Airdrop must be connected to iCloud, and remain as contacts on the devices.

Therefore, Everyone is the simplest option, although this also means that other random users that we do not know can send us files as well.

To activate it, you just have to slide your finger up from the bottom of the screen (if you are using an iPhone 8 or earlier), or down from the upper right corner (in case you are using an iPhone or a iPad with Face ID). In this way we will start the Control center.

Click on the icon AirDrop. And then we choose who can send us things through this system, by clicking on Reception disabled, Only contacts or Everyone. If you choose the Only contacts option (considered the most secure), it is essential to make sure that you have logged into iCloud.

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