They create an ‘artificial skin’ that makes you invisible

The soldiers of the future

That’s right, the soldiers of the near future could blend invisibly with their environment, just like the alien monster did in the 1987 movie “Predator.” The new metamaterials represent that soldiers can not only blend in with their environment, but what They can also be invisible to heat sensors, making them much more difficult to detect.

The camouflage “skin” would be made of flexible patches that would cover the soldiers making them invisible both day and night thanks to the possibility of being functionally invisible in the spectrum from visible to infrared light. The researchers claim that the technology is inspired by the camouflage capabilities of animals such as squid and octopus, which are masters of disguise. These cephalopods vanish before our eyes and become, for example, colorful corals or groups of algae that sway with the ocean currents.

“In this study, a multispectral imperceptible skin is developed that allows human skin to actively blend with the background both in the integrated visible IR spectrum (infrared radiation) only by simple temperature control with a flexible bifunctional device (with cooling and active warming) “, expose the experts.

Pixelated screens cover the patches and consist of a thermoelectric unit (TE) that is cooled or heated by applying a reverse electrical current. The flexible patches change from red, green to blue depending on the temperature determined by the pixels. So, each pixel sequentially changes its color / temperature based on their relative position.

In a human demonstration, they observed that “individual pixels in the imperceptible artificial skin quickly adjusted to the background environment with such precision that it appeared as if there was an empty hole in the hand,” they comment on the study.

With a material so desired by military personnel to covert operations, the researchers hope that this work “contributes to the development of next-generation soft covert military wearables.” Although the study merely serves as a proof of concept and needs to be refined, represents a breakthrough in thermochromic materials. We are heading towards total invisibility.

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