10 ideas for a greener Christmas

This year Christmas will undoubtedly be very different from any other, since the security measures imposed on us by the COVID-19 pandemic force us to park many of the activities that were common in other years: big business dinners or friends’ meetings, family feasts … In addition, the health crisis is not the only one we are experiencing: There are other urgent crises, such as the climate crisis, which also require us to act and begin to change certain habits and customs.

Contrary to what many people think, introducing more ecological habits into our lifestyle does not usually imply resignations or great sacrifices. There are many small things that we can do with little effort but that present great gifts to the planet. And besides, many of them are funFor example, since this year we will have fewer social gatherings for Christmas and we will spend more time at home, perhaps it is a good time to make our homemade decorations from reused materials and spending little money. It is a very fun activity that the whole family can do and the result will be a house with a personalized and original decoration.

Below we offer you a list, prepared by the Xixona nougat “Turrones Picó”, of simple ideas that we can put into practice so that This year Christmas, in addition to being safe, be as ecological as possible.

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