POCO X3: the favorite mobile on Amazon

The screen will offer great definition and pixel density. Therefore, when it comes to consuming videos or movies, the experience will be full, despite being a mobile phone. It also has a wide spectrum of colors, which is appreciated, although sometimes we will have to watch the saturation.

POCO X3: robust and resistant design

On a day-to-day basis, LITTLE X3 it will present a large and heavy appearance, but with a very good grip. In return, it will be robust and resistant. And, although its camera module is quite large, it will not be unstable when placed on any surface. In addition, we have two models available to choose from: in cobalt blue, with a bright and electric touch, and in a shadow gray that is so dark it appears black.

With a Miui 12 system on Android 10, the customization options are very varied. From the main screen itself and the size of the icons, to navigation by gestures, which allows you to take better advantage of the interface surface. We can also modify the modification LED, the floating ball or even the one-hand mode.

Other options that stand out from this LITTLE X3 is to clean the speaker, which is very unusual. As with sound on some wearables, a mechanical release of noise particles will occur when activating this option.

Finally, if this new model of Xiaomi it is in your camera module. It is tremendously large, as it has up to 4 sensors and a flash. We will have the main camera (64 mp), the depth camera (2 mp), the macro lens (2 mp) and the UGA (13 mp). In addition, we will have a front camera with a not inconsiderable 20 mp.

As for the video, the LITTLE X3 it can record up to 4k with 30fps. Without a doubt, a fairly appreciable video quality for a mid-range phone. For this kind of thing, it’s the best-selling phone on Amazon.

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