57,000-year-old wolf cub mummified found in Yukon

It is a female, a 57,000-year-old wolf cub that has been discovered in the Yukon, Canada. The mummy of a prehistoric wolf was found by a gold miner in Canada, blowing up a wall of frozen mud in Yukon province. While sweeping the mud, he found what appeared to be an ancient fossil. It turned out to be a remarkably well-preserved wolf cub that had died about 57,000 years ago.

Secrets uncovered

This mummified creature was a gray wolf (Canis lupus) and His analysis has revealed how he died and how he ended up alone on the ice so long ago. Various analyzes, including radiocarbon dating, DNA sampling, and measurements of oxygen isotope levels in the body, have revealed information about when the puppy died. X-rays of the skeleton and teeth also revealed that Zhùr (as the cub has been baptized and which means “wolf” in the Hän language of the local Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in people) was only 7 weeks old when he met premature death.

“It is the most complete wolf specimen ever found in the ice age. All his soft tissue, his hair, his skin, even his little nose is still there. It is complete, basically 100% intact; only the eyes are missing. And that’s really weird “, explains Julie Meachen, Associate Professor of Anatomy at Des Moines University in Iowa and co-author of the journal’s published paper Current Biology. “The fact that it is so complete allowed us to carry out many lines of research on her to basically rebuild her life.”

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