Curiosities about the climate

Climate events occur because the sun heats the Earth’s surface unevenly. This difference results in variations in temperature, causing air currents (winds) to form that move hot air from areas where temperatures are high to regions where temperatures are colder. The sun constantly drives this process on Earth causing high and low air pressure systems, winds, clouds, and a host of weather events.

How many climate myths do you know? Can lightning strike twice?

Most people believe that lightning does not strike the same place twice, but this is one of many weather myths out there as lightning can hit tall objects like trees or antennas multiple times, especially in slow storms.

Is a typhoon the same as a hurricane?

Many think that hurricanes and typhoons describe different weather events, but they are names for the same type of storm that occurs over the ocean. Both are known as tropical cyclones, the generic name used for these weather events, but hurricanes occur in the Atlantic and typhoons occur in the Pacific. This simple designation allows meteorologists to immediately know the region of the ocean where the storm occurs.

Can it snow everywhere? The truth is that sometimes it snows where you could least expect.

It sure doesn’t surprise you to see snow on the ground in Siberia or in Canada traveling to those places during the winter months. But the northern areas do not have a monopoly on snowfall; White matter is known to land everywhere, from the Sahara Desert to Hawaii. Even the driest place on Earth is not immune. In 2011, the Atacama Desert in Chile, for example, received almost 80 centimeters of snow thanks to a rare cold front from Antarctica.

Regarding the cold, do you know which is the coldest city in the world?

Oimiakón is the coldest city on the planet, as it has the lowest recorded temperature of any permanently inhabited location. Its average January average temperature is -50 ° C, so it is not surprising that Oimiakón is the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world. Verkhoyansk or Yakutsk are not far behind.

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