The most remote places on Earth

If you are looking to avoid tourist places for the next vacation, you can try to visit one of the most isolated places on Earth listed in this list, but you should know that they are in such remote places that you will have to resort to the boat or plane to get to they.

These incredibly secluded, serene and unspoiled locations have some exceptional qualities.

Have you ever wondered what is the most inaccessible place on the planet?

We travel to Tristán de Acuña. It is a British archipelago made up of four main islands: one that has the same name and is also the largest in area (with 98 km2), Nightingale and Gough. We would have to move in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean and, as we can imagine, it is a rather inaccessible area. Barely 250 inhabitants live on the island of Tristán de Acuña; that is, it is a small island with a small community. Of course, no neighbors nearby. The islet of Santa Elena is its closest neighbor which is 2,400 kilometers away. Not surprisingly, the island does not have airports, so you can only access it by boat that depart from Cape Town, which is 2,800 kilometers away. The journey lasts six days and, if you really plan to go, remember that you have to book the tickets many months in advance, as they can barely transport 12 people per boat. Also note that due to its remoteness, the SA Agulhas II ship -which has a stop on the island- will not make another stop on its way until three weeks later. It is, therefore, the minimum stay on the most remote island on the planet.

Some of these remote locations boast magnificent tropical climates, while others require braving arctic temperatures or unforgiving deserts. The adventure is on. Which of them would you choose? Have you already visited one?

This gallery will lead you on a tour that will include everything from isolated arctic islands to lonely canyons. In the end, you will probably want to pack your bags and get to know some of these special destinations.

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