The 7 key social skills in the world of work

Each job profile requires characteristics, but there are a series of skills that are ideal for any type of activity.

We are going to review some of them to know what they are the most valued and most useful social skills to ensure a satisfactory working life. We will see that some of them are also demanded by personnel managers when they make up their teams.

The importance of key social skills in the professional field

Most of the jobs we do today require very specific skills for each position, but it is also essential that candidates demonstrate key social skills in the world of work. But why are these qualities so important?

First, these skills are a good guarantee of having an optimal work environment. If all or at least most of the workers in an organization have some of the key social skills in the world of work, the company will have most of the work done in terms of maintaining a pleasant work environment, without the proliferation of conflicts between workers due to friction and clash of personalities, something that is frequent both in companies and in any other human group.

No one is aware that, if the work environment is favorable, workers will be more comfortable and therefore will perform better. Increased productivity would therefore be another advantage provided by key social skills in the world of work.

Equally, This affects the internal communication channels of the company, since the team members will be committed and the information will flow without difficulties, also avoiding incidents in that sense.

Of course, it must not be forgotten that if a person has key social skills in the world of work, they will automatically become a valuable asset to the company. In that case, the company will be more likely to allocate resources for this person to further develop their characteristics and to develop a long career working for this corporation. In that case, a symbiosis effect would be taking place in which both parties would benefit.

What are the most important social skills in the world of work?

Having learned the importance of key soft skills in the world of work, the most logical question most readers will ask is what these skills are. Therefore, at this point we are going to collect some of the main ones.

1. Empathy

Today empathy is a particularly valued ability, both in the professional field and in other spheres of life. This is why it is not surprising that it is one of the key soft skills in the world of work. Thanks to empathy, workers will have the ability to recognize the emotions that people around you are experiencingEither their own colleagues or the clients with whom the company works.

This capacity will favor interpersonal treatment and therefore relations between the people involved in the commercial activity of our organization.

2. Leadership

Another of the key social skills in the world of work that are valued in today’s market are those that have to do with command or leadership skills. Authority is not sought but the ability to be a leader and create a team, setting an example and knowing how to motivate colleagues to get involved in the tasks of the organization.

Therefore, this will be one of the most demanded skills, especially for positions of certain responsibility, such as middle managers, as it will make it more likely that the team in charge is properly managed.

3. Communication skills

Communication is a key dimension for any company and therefore knowing how to handle it will represent one of the key social skills in the world of work. For an organization to function properly, the messages it sends must be clear, concise and do not give rise to any type of ambiguity. The persons charged with performing this task must be able to meet these criteria.

Likewise, when the company is not the issuer but becomes the receiver, it must have workers who know how to interpret the information that reaches them and transmit it synthesized but without interference to the corresponding department.

4. Listening ability

In line with the previous point but adding a dimension more oriented towards personal treatment. Knowing how to listen to others is another of the key social skills in the world of work. A group of workers who know how to listen to each other will probably coordinate in an efficient way and therefore will achieve a very satisfactory level of operation and productivity for the company.

Of course this It is also a highly demanded capacity for positions that involve direct contact with the consumer, especially if it is the customer service department. In these cases, listening skills are essential to be able to convey to the client that the company fully understands their problem and does everything possible to solve the incident in a satisfactory way.

5. Emotional intelligence

Knowing how to identify your own emotions and having the ability to regulate them so that we can always act in a rational way is what is known as having good emotional intelligence. This is undoubtedly another of the key social skills in the world of work. Especially useful in demanding jobs where people are under a lot of pressure.

It is also a highly requested skill in customer service departments, just as we saw with listening skills. It is because these teams are the ones that usually receive complaints from unhappy users, who on some occasions can express themselves too vehemently and even disrespect, so the recipient must be able to regulate their emotions and hence your answer.

People with emotional intelligence will have the ability to remain calm at all times and not get carried away by the impulses of the moment, which makes them the perfect candidates for these types of jobs.

6. Persuasion

Another key social skill in the world of work is persuasion, a skill that is invaluable in any section of the organization that has to do with business work, whether for purchase or sale. Having a particularly persuasive worker when negotiating with clients is synonymous with having the best possible agreements.

7. Creativity in teamwork

The last of the key social skills in the world of work that we add to this list is none other than creativity. The ability to see beyond the rigid protocol and find alternative solutions that open new avenues for the company To achieve the goals that have been set, it is another of the skills that are most sought in certain sectors.

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