Do you know glass batteries?

The advancement of batteries

John Goodenough (a German physicist and one of the inventors of the lithium-ion battery) and his team of researchers claimed that they had developed a non-flammable lithium battery (whose electrolyte is based on glass powder) that has twice the energy density of traditional batteries. Similarly, they published a graph showing an increase in capacity after more than 300 charge and discharge cycles.

Thus, the researchers argue that glass electrolyte is a ferroelectric material, that is, a material whose polarization changes from one side to the other when it comes into contact with an external field. As a result, the charge and discharge cycles are continually moving the electrolyte back and forth.

Among the advantages of this battery are not only its greater capacity, but also it is lighter than lithium ion. In addition, it is a non-flammable battery, so there is no risk of fire. According to Goodenough, father of lithium batteries, the battery will begin shipping in 2022. In fact, it may be distributed to manufacturers of electric vehicles and manufacturers of electronic products.

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