The most important archaeological finds on Earth

The oldest finds on Earth have interesting explanations about how and when they were formed in the planet. In addition, many of these discoveries have left scientists in awe, such as the tomb of Cleopatra or the prehistoric monument commonly known as Stonehenge.

Do you know the stone spheres of Costa Rica? These have a diameter of 2.66 meters and weigh approximately 16 tons. Furthermore, they were a mark of distinction in the Buruca indigenous people, who were in charge of carving them. In the past it was believed that these spheres hid treasures inside, so some were desecrated.

Another archaeological find of incalculable value is the Pyramids of Egypt. These were built 5,000 years ago in Cairo. In addition, this complex of three pyramids reflects the admiration that the ancient Egyptians had for their pharaohs and the complexities of their beliefs in the afterlife. In fact, archaeologists are still discovering new tunnels and shafts built inside the pyramids.

Of course, another find of great value is the Göbekli Tepe sanctuary. This archaeological discovery is located in a rural area of ​​Turkey, near the Syrian border. It was built in the 10th millennium BC by semi-nomadic farmers and is considered the oldest place of worship in the world.

Here we show you some of the most important archaeological discoveries on our planet. Without a doubt, they are the most fascinating.

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