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The sudden appearance of metal monoliths in various parts of the world had us all surprised a few weeks ago.

Today it seems a common theme and the apparitions have lost all mysterious character. The latest episode linked to this trend occurred in San Francisco, where residents witnessed the unexpected appearance of a new monolith.

However, this structure was not similar to the previous ones; It was not made of metal, but of an element related to these weeks of end of the year: ginger.

On the morning of December 25, those who went to visit Corona Heights Park came across this unique monolith made with ginger, joined with icing and decorated with cute rubber balls.


Of course, and due to its material, the structure did not last long and collapsed before the weekend. One theory says that it collapsed because many witnesses dared to test pieces of its exterior, which ended up affecting the safety of the building.

So far, this monolith has not been able to be assigned to any particular author, although several artists’ organizations have already been awarded its creation. However, neither version has been corroborated.

Merry Christmas from San Francisco where a gingerbread monolith appeared overnight at Corona Heights Park.

& mdash; Karl Mondon (@karlmondon) December 25, 2020

Thus, the curious gingerbread monolith had a sad and ephemeral passage through San Francisco. At least, on this occasion, we can rule out the intervention of an entity from another planet.

Perhaps it is time that the creators of these types of figures try to surprise us with something new.

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