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A console modifier and restorer named Josh came up with a way to mount a Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator onto an original classic 16-bit console controller using a Raspberry Pi Zero computer.
Making this authentic Super Nintendo Mini, which includes a tiny 1.5-inch screen at the center of the controller, required a lot of design and engineering work. And it is that, with a Raspberry Pi Zero and a GamePi 15 controller board, Josh made room to fit the components into the scant 15 millimeters thick of the original SNES control.
However, and as Josh shows in two video guides that together exceed 30 minutes (and are available on his channel Restore Technique), with the necessary tools and techniques, you can build a truly portable Super Nintendo yourself.

The process is undoubtedly arduous, as it includes steps such as sanding part of the control case to make room for the Raspberry Pi Zero and the controller board, a challenge considering that the GamePi 15 exceeds 20 millimeters in thickness, while the control of the SNES does not exceed 15 millimeters.
Described and read, the work sounds simple. But anyone who has ever wielded a soldering iron to solder electronic components will appreciate Josh’s delicate work which, of course, was not without its hiccups, as in the 8:41 minute of guide one, where we see how he ruins one of the connectors on the screen.
The result, in the end, is worth appreciating. And although the 1.5-inch screen is not exactly the ideal one to appreciate the pixel art from the SNES, Josh definitely did a wonderful craft.

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