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The Amazon is considered one of the most important green areas in the world. However, lately we have seen a regrettable destruction of this rich ecosystem.

Deforestation and rising global temperatures threaten the Amazon rainforest so much that some are already predicting an imminent collapse.

An alarming study developed at the University of Florida indicates that the Amazon will collapse by 2064 precisely due to climate change and deforestation.

The work, published in Environment, constitutes the first study to reveal a specific date for the disappearance of this tropical forest.


“The best way to think of the forest ecosystem is that it is a bomb,” Professor Robert Walker told the United Press International (UPI).

“The forest recycles moisture, which supports regional rainfall. If you continue to destroy the forest, the amount of rain decreases … and eventually, you ruin the bomb. “

Lack of concern

The main author of the study also affirms that poverty and the deficient use of state resources have recently encouraged deforestation.

“The people there don’t care so much about biodiversity, the environment, when they have to worry about eating their next meal,” he explains.

While the droughts have helped exacerbate the problem, Professor Walker blames politicians and their lack of concern, especially beginning with the Jair Bolsonaro administration.

Regarding the current president of Brazil, the academic points out that his administration “seems determined to eliminate all the remaining restrictions on the unrestricted exploitation of the natural resources of the Amazon.”

In this way, and due to the irresponsible actions of human beings, immense wooded areas will end up turned into grasslands and will never return to their original state of tropical forest.

The question now is whether we will be able to avoid this catastrophe.

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