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For such a simple game, in terms of graphics Among us features a ton of creative and unique cosmetics that you can deck out your crew member with. You have a wide variety of hats, outfits, and colors to show off your style, or just to look like a freak. Just go to the laptop in the waiting hall and choose your favorite option among all the costumes that are inside Among us.

It would be unfair for any of these outfits to grant bonuses or perks to players, so these changes only affect your character’s appearance. Still, with so many possible combinations, who doesn’t want to be the best-dressed crewmate or imposter in the game? These are the best costumes and outfits of Among us.

Best Among Us costume combinations

Players have gone wild with some of their creations wearing just a few simple colors, hats, and outfits. A good selection of these are available for free, plus some accessories that only become available during festive events like Halloween and Christmas, however there are several items that you probably have to pay for. These can cost between $ 1 and $ 2 if you play on a mobile device, while the players of Pc get additional hats and masks for free. On the other hand, if you want a pet, you will have to pay $ 3 no matter what platform you are playing on.


Sometimes the best way to fit in is by standing out. While everyone else runs like an abomination, put on a helmet, reflective vest, or stained overalls to look like just another member of the crew. Never hurts show off like you know what you’re doing.


Best Among Us costumes

If you can get hold of the Christmas-themed items, then donning one of the elf hats is a great way to attract positive reviews. After all, who could suspect that a helpful little green elf is an imposter? Go green to complete the look, perhaps with a green skin or outfit.


Best Among Us costumes

Who would turn against a Chef? Dress in white, put on your chef hat and you will be everyone’s best friend. Don’t let anyone suspect the ingredients you are using in your latest stew or you could find yourself in a tight spot.


Best Among Us costumes

When you’re dressed as “The King” there is always a perfect way to deflect blame when they suspect you. Just sport a toupee, dress in white and sing one of his classic tunes – everyone will completely forget what was happening. Just stay away from “Jail Rock.”


Best Among Us costumes

The devil would be too obvious a suspect to really be the imposter, right? With red devil horns, red skin, and a classy suit with a red tie too, everyone would question whether you are trustworthy or not. Just make sure you speak fluently, otherwise this outfit could backfire on you.


Best Among Us costumes

Contrary to the devil, why not put on a halo and become the embodiment of innocence? Something about that floating golden ribbon makes it hard to get you off the ship. Use that confidence to stay on the good side of the team.


Best Among Us costumes

While you can’t be the real Batman in Among us, you can be a literal “bat man” if you wear the bat wings. Pair them with an all black or brown suit and become the hero the crew deserves, or live long enough to become the impostor.

Plague doctor

Best Among Us costumes

Despite being an icon of the 14th century and of the Black Death, the image of this doctor has resurfaced a bit in recent years. The beak-shaped mask is a bit scary, but it’s hard to deny the sense of style you get when paired with a vintage top hat and simple overalls. Dressed like this, at least the impostor may want to stay away from you.

Regular doctor

Best Among Us costumes

For a more modern medical outfit, look no further than the front mirror and lab coat. While no one really knows what that front mirror is for, you can’t deny that it gives your character a strong sense of authority. Just don’t mention you have needles or you could get kicked out for instilling fear.


Best Among Us costumes

Who can say that the captain of a crew cannot look like a captain of a ship or an airplane? The captain’s hat and outfit don’t make it clear what exactly you are the captain, but if you talk like you’re in charge of everything, the others should line up and listen to you.


Best Among Us costumes

When a crime scene is found, who better than the local sheriff to take over the investigation? With your giant hat and your tan pants you can take care of the situation without problems. If you really get into character and speak with the right accent, you’ll be clear of suspicion, mate.

Fruit or vegetable

Best Among Us costumes

A fruit could never hurt anyone, right? All you need to do is put on the leaf headdress and choose a color to make it everyone’s favorite healthy snack. Choose green or red for a classic apple, purple for a grape or eggplant, and orange for a carrot or, you know, an orange.


Best Among Us costumes

Another character you can really take on a role with is the classic billionaire businessman. With your elegant white hat and your impeccable suit or tuxedo of the same color, walk through the ship as if you were the owner of the place. If others suspect foul play, just ignore them.

Jason voorhees

Best Among Us costumes

Okay, this outfit can make you suspicious, but who can deny how cool this costume looks? The red-eye hockey mask and overalls are completely menacing. You might have a hard time shaking off your suspicions, but if you do turn out to be the impostor, wearing this costume while stabbing the crew in the back will probably sound very satisfying.


Best Among Us costumes

Pirates, thanks to certain movie and animated franchises, have really changed their reputation. Those who would normally be considered the least reliable type of person to have on a boat are now just pranksters and fun-loving. Everybody wants to be friends with a pirate, so put a rag on your head, a brown adventure suit and start a riot.

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