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There are several ways to move around the map of Immortals Fenyx Rising, but one of the most efficient is to use a mount. The horses or deer in the game have their own resistance bar that is independent of the main character, but there is also a group of mounts that are classified as epic and whose resistance bar is tripled.

These special animals look different from normal ones and are found solitary in very specific places on the map. They can be more difficult to tame than any animal and they get scared very quickly when approaching, in addition to that sometimes the very terrain where they are located is not very helpful, but with a little patience there will be no problems to tame them all.

Here are some directions on how to get to the locations of the nine epic mounts of Immortals Fenyx Rising.


This winged horse appears in the initial zone of the game and is possible to obtain it during the first hours, although given its location (and the relative low resistance capacity of the character at the beginning), it is not a bad idea to wait a bit before going for it.

Laurion is on a small beach in the islands at the bottom of the map; Approach slowly and carefully (ideally around nearby walls), as the terrain is flat and there is no place to hide.

Once tamed, it will appear in inventory and can be selected as the default mount by calling a mount with the Y or triangle button, depending on the console they use. The same is true for all the rest of the mounts obtained, whether they are epic or normal.


Tire is a pink unicorn in the southern part of the Valley of Eternal Spring. This mount can also be obtained in the first hours of play – it can even be the first one obtained – and, as with Laurion, taming it is relatively easy.

Tire is at the location indicated by the red icon on the map. And the only precaution before taming it is to have cleaned enemies from the nearby place, if there are any, since at the beginning of the game even the most harmless rooster can give us a hard time.


Another unicorn, though now light blue (or blue). Like Tire, it is also in the Valley of Eternal Spring and should be one of the first to obtain; We will probably find it while traveling the sector on our way to a mission.

Indica is found in the northernmost part of the area (specifically, in Alma de Gea) in what looks like a lagoon. While there is no ground to hide to avoid scaring him off, the process should be relatively easy.


Eton must be the most impressive horse in the whole group – literally, he is a horse that is on fire. And so much so, that accessing the area in which it appears is not so easy, since you must first complete a mission to eliminate the corruption from the area.

But once the requirement is fulfilled, you just have to go around the structure of the Ajax Fort and reach it in the place indicated on the map (note that the fast trip to the place leaves us at the entrance of the fort, not at the center as indicated by the icon).

Once in place, Etón is not at all complex to tame and even more so if you have the ability to become invisible.


Parangón is a beautiful metal-armored horse found on the southern boundary between Forgeland and the War Den. From the start, and only because of its location, you should know that to access this area relatively without problems it is a good idea to have advanced in main missions and to have the character already with some basic improvements related to attack power and health bar, since the Nearby enemies are more powerful than the starting areas.

That said, it shouldn’t have to be a problem taming Parangón, just like with previous mounts. You just have to approach slowly and without making noise (if they already have the ability to become invisible, even better) and after a blink, Paragon will appear in the inventory.


Anticítera is a kind of robotic horse, just like all the machines seen around Tierraforja. Coincidence or not, it is one of the ones that seem more complicated to tame, since in addition to not having many places to hide, it scares much easier than the rest of the epic mounts mentioned so far.

Antikítera is in the northern part of Forgeland and although this area is free of enemies, it is recommended to have raised the weapons level, in addition to having increased the health and resistance bar. Forge Land is one of the most hostile areas in the game, so it doesn’t seem like a good idea to go looking for Antikittera unprepared.


Guardian is another winged and completely golden horse found in the northern part of the Kleos Grove. Finding it is relatively easy, since it is located towards the end of a path that ends in a cut bridge, right next to a cliff, and to get to it, you just have to follow the route from the south that is indicated in the photo .

Guardian is easy to tame, as long as we approach calmly and without making any movement that makes the red question mark jump over his head; if that happens, it will start and the process will have to be started again. However, with the ability to turn invisible there should be no problem adding Guardian to the inventory.


Of all the epic mounts, Asphodel is the only one that is not a horse or rather, that it is based on the anatomy of a horse. No, this Asphodel is an epic deer and it will be one of the last to get, since it is in Cima del Rey, one of the “end” areas of the game.

The King’s Summit quests only open after having recovered the essences of the four gods, but the area can be accessed early anyway, if they have enough stamina bar. Once here, Asphodel is in the southeast area of ​​the map (indicated in the photo) and even without having cleared the fog from the place, its access is relatively easy and with the ability to become invisible, taming it will not be a problem.


The last of the epic mounts Immortals Fenyx Rising It is in Cima del Rey and it is probably the one that requires having advanced in the story to that point, since the easiest path opens when completing the Family Emergency mission.

Ptilon is a winged horse with multicolored feathers and stands on a small frozen plain in the middle of the mountain. Tame it is not complicated at this point and even less if you have the ability to become invisible; Also, there are no enemies around to annoy or distract you. But of course, reaching this area is more feasible after a few dozen hours of play.

And with Ptilon in inventory, the capture of all nine epic mounts in the game has been completed. It is worth mentioning that there is an achievement or trophy called Dismounting Fenyx, which is achieved by mastering all the mounts in the game, whether epic or common.

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