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The cycle of life advances for everyone. The old generations begin to become a memory, giving way to the new ones. Obviously we’re talking about consoles: once the PS4 stole the spotlight from the PS3, and now it’s the PS5’s turn to be the center of attention. Nobody talks about the PlayStation 3 anymore. However, if you have an old DualShock 3 controller in some corner of your house, don’t throw it away. You can still take advantage of it. With a little patience (and a mini USB cable) you will have the ability to connect the PS3 controls to the PC.

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Part 1: update Windows and .NET Framework drivers

Step 1: First, check the installed drivers by starting the Symbol of the system. Once it’s open, type driverquery and press the key Enter.

Step 2– scan the list and make sure you have these components installed:

Step 3– Connect your PlayStation 3 controller to your PC with a mini USB cable (known as Mini Type-B). They usually have a USB-A connector next to the computer, but you can find cables with USB-C connectors on Amazon. Mini USB is older and larger than the Micro USB connector used in PS4 controllers, mobile devices, and more.

Windows should start installing the initial drivers when you connect the cable.

Part 2: download and install ScpToolkit and drivers

Step 1: go to official download thread ScpToolkit and click the green link to download the latest stable version. You will see the installer, ScpToolkit_Setup.exe, plus the source code included in the files. If you want to review the code, run 7-Zip or a similar tool to extract the files.

Step 2: Find and start the downloaded installer as administrator.

Step 3– Once installed, ScpToolkit prompts you to run a separate driver installer. If you don’t see this message, search for “Scp” and select ScpToolkit Driver Installer. In Windows 10, it may be at the top of the Start menu in Recently added.

Step 4: With the ScpToolkit driver installer running, make sure all boxes are checked, including forced driver installation.

Step 5: click the arrow in the box next to the option Choose DualShock 3 controllers for install. From the drop-down menu, find and select your DualShock 3 controller. If you also plan to use a DualShock 4 or Bluetooth dongle to enable wireless playback, you can select those as well.

Step 6: When you’re ready, click Install. All necessary files are installed and configured automatically. Don’t despair if you see a lot of pop-up windows on the screen, that’s normal. Once you see the installation message for the Dualshock 3 USB Controller, you’re good to go.

Step 7: click the button Go out when the installation is complete.

Your DualShock 3 is now plug-and-play, which means you can plug it in at any time and it should work automatically.

Something to note: Since you are technically using the Xbox 360 controllers to interact with the PS3 controller, the games are likely to display an Xbox control scheme. When a game wants you to “press X”, you must press the Square button.

Note: As of January 2018, ScpToolkit already not in active development. Future Windows updates could make it an ineffective solution. For now, however, it remains a viable option.

Part 3: create a profile and adjust settings

If you wish, you can also tweak your PS3 controller through various applications included with ScpToolkit.

Step 1– ScpToolkit Profile Manager is not installed by default. To get this feature, run the installer again to “modify” the current installation. Then you will see a desktop shortcut and ScpToolkit Profile Manager added to the ScpToolkit folder in the Start menu.

When you open it, you can create custom button assignments. You can also assign keyboard and mouse commands as well.

Step 2: double click on the shortcut of the ScpToolkit Configuration Manager on your desktop, or inside the ScpToolkit folder in the Start menu. Here you can adjust the thumb stick’s sensitivity, latency, and LED display, among other advanced settings.

Troubleshooting for Windows 10

Windows 10 can be picky about drivers. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft’s operating system is designed to work with Xbox accessories and the Xbox Live ecosystem. It is naturally not suitable for a Sony device, especially an outdated one.

While ScpToolkit avoids most of the problems users face when using DualShock 3 on a PC, there may be errors during installation. Fortunately, there is an alternative to allow the installation of the driver, in case the process does not work. However, it is advisable to back up important files before proceeding, even if the procedure is not necessarily dangerous. After all, you will change the Windows startup settings.

Step 1: click the button Start or press the Windows key.

Step 2: Click on the icon “gear”Located on the left edge of the Start menu. This opens the app Setting.

Step 3: click Update and security.

Step 4: Choose Recovery from the list on the left.

Step 5: click the button Restart now, which is located in Advanced startup.

Step 6: your system reboots and boots into a mode that allows you to modify the firmware and startup settings, thereby allowing you to bypass the driver signature enforcement.

Step 7: Choose Solve problems from the resulting list of options.

Step 8: click Advanced Options.

Step 9: click Startup settings. This executes another reboot.

Step 10: after your system boots again, you have other options. Search Disable driver signing enforcement, then press the F7 key to restart your PC for the last time.

Step 11– When your PC finishes restarting, follow the procedures outlined above to reinstall and configure ScpToolkit.

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