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If the phone with the soul of Kindle and 5G from Hisense was already strange, the same or more surprising is the Paperlike 253 electronic ink monitor, presented by the Chinese firm Dasung.

The company specialized in developing products with this technology had launched electronic books, tablets and 13 inch monitors. However, this new product goes a step further by integrating the E-Ink into a giant 25.3-inch screen.

The unique monitor, like the rest of this manufacturer’s devices, is aimed at users who want to take care of their eyesight. Although it is not yet sold at the moment, the company has revealed some details such as the 3,200 x 1,800 pixel resolution and the material used to manufacture it, aluminum. It also features Dasung Turbo, the screen refresh technology that, according to the firm, provides a speed equal to that of an LCD screen.

Paperlike 253 can boast a neat aesthetic with a black frame and a rotating (even vertical) and tilting base, as well as a silver strip at the bottom where there are five buttons. All the contents, of course, are seen in black and white. With this large size it allows to have two windows open and responds quickly, according to the images seen in the video (minute 2:30).

E-ink technology, unlike LCD, “reflects ambient light from the surroundings. So it looks a lot like real ink and paper, eliminating eye strain and glare, ”explains Dasung.

Paperlike 253, like the other devices of this manufacturer, will not be a cheap monitor: the 13.3-inch that Dasung sells in its virtual store costs $ 798 dollars in its cheapest version and $ 1,099, in the most expensive. The 25.3-inch will be around $ 3,000.

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