Land Rover Defender: plug-in hybrid with 404 hp

To the new Land Rover Defender We saw it for the first time at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. This type of fairs has passed away in 2020, due to the pandemic and the mobility and meeting restrictions that came with it. What will not cease to exist are the wishes and dreams of the most adventurous drivers, who sighed when they saw the new SUV of the british firm. More than a year has passed and it is the turn of the plug-in hybrid variant, a model that uses a 2.0 four-cylinder gasoline engine, along with another electric 105 kW, to deliver 404 hp of stratospheric power. This option comes to comply with European regulations, with approved consumption (WLTP) of 3.3 l / 100 km and a autonomy 43 km electric, enough data to show the DGT emblem on its windshield. his starting price is 74,230 euros.

It is not, by far, the only option to get a Defender. The commercial range of this SUV is almost endless. In it we find options gasoline, diesel and diesel with mild hybrid technology, another of the novelties of this 21MY. To start deciding on the Defender that best suits us, you will have to choose one of their bodies: 90 or 110 (short or long) with five or seven configurable seats. If we are one of those families concerned about him environment, or our carbon footprint, opens a range of ECO possibilities. These light hybridization versions use a new six-cylinder Ingenium engine as a base, to which they add a small electrical system that provides support during acceleration and can store energy from deceleration and braking.

To the range of motor options we must add the amount of variations and finishes available in the range, among which is the X-Dynamic finish as the latest addition. Then there are the versions First Edition and Defender X, which add to the levels of S, SE and HSE equipment. Not happy with this, and knowing the type of exquisite and exclusive customer of this model, the British firm offers four packages of accessories: Adventure, Country, Explorer and Urban.

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