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After the end of the second season of The Mandalorian, various speculations have arisen about what to expect for the third installment.

Now that Din Djarin has a Darksaber in their hands, he might no longer need his beskar spear, would he? According to a compelling new theory, in the next season of the Mando series you might meet a character from the sequels to Star wars, and it may not do very well.

This theory arises because a TikTok user, Caley Carpenter, saw again The last jedi and noticed something strange: Captain Phasma’s weapon in the aftermath looks a lot like Beskar’s spear from The Mandalorian.


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This could mean that, at some point, Din Djarin will meet Captain Phasma, who, after a confrontation, would seize the spear.

Although it is a fun theory, there is a major problem: according to the Star Wars Visual Dictionary, what Phasma wields is a mercury staff, a high-tech weapon.

On the other hand, there is a history of changes made in the stories of Star wars through retrocontinuity. So if Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau decide that Phasma’s staff is Mando’s beskar spear, so be it.

With this, justice could be done to one of the favorite characters from the sequels of Star wars. Meeting Mando would give Phasma a much more interesting backstory and her weapon in The last jedi it would have a stronger connection with the history of the saga.

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