How to transfer files between laptops

Using a storage device

First, you will have to search for a compatible storage device. Some hard drives and USB drives (pen drives) are sometimes formatted to only work with one operating system. Also, although it is one of the slowest methods for transferring files it is the easiest to execute if you are not very familiar with computers.

Next, you will have to connect the device to the computer. Check that has enough storage space to enter all the files you would like to transfer before starting. Of course, if you are going to transfer very large files you will have to look for a device that has enough space.

Afterwards, you will have to move the files to the storage device. For this, you will only have to drag and drop the files you need and wait while they are completely transferred to the storage device.

Finally, you must eject the device (always safely so as not to damage the files) and connect it to the laptop where you want to transfer the documents. To do this, you just have to drag the files and drop them on the desktop of the laptop.

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