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In order to ensure a “fair wage” and that employees have “no fear of abuse, retaliation or discrimination”, more than 200 Google employees have formed their own union.

“We built on years of organizational efforts at Google to create a formal structure for workers,” wrote the leaders of the Alphabet Workers Union (Alphabet Workers Union).

The organization will not seek to have collective bargaining rights. In this way, it will be able to represent all workers, including temporary workers, suppliers and contractors (known as TVC), excluded from conventional collective bargaining.

The nascent union already has the support of more than 200 employees, in addition to the support of the Communications Workers of America, to be part of the recent initiative known as CODE-CWA (Campaign to Organize Digital Employees).

If the organization manages to consolidate, one of the ideas is that each member contributes 1 percent of their annual salary to the group, which will be used to hire lawyers to represent the employees.

The US labor regulatory agency has accused Google of illegally questioning several workers – who were later fired – for protesting against company policies and trying to organize a union.

Google, however, has said that it has acted within the framework of legality.

Cited by Reuters agency, Google Director of People Operations Kara Silverstein stated that “our employees have protected employment rights that we support. But, as we have always done, we will continue to interact directly with all of our employees. “

Years of protests

The union’s formation comes after years of protests by search giant workers, including their rejection of severance pay for executives accused of sexual harassment and their opposition to the Maven project.

In 2018, nearly 20,000 workers protested the company’s decision to award $ 90 million in compensation to former executive Andy Rubin, after facing sexual harassment charges.

Workers also opposed Google’s involvement in the Maven project, an effort to use artificial intelligence to enhance targeted drone strikes. The company decided not to renew its contract with the Pentagon.

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