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Is there anything worse than dealing with an annoying neighbor in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Well, maybe yes, but you are here precisely because you want to kick a neighbor off your island. Sometimes the little nickname he has for you just doesn’t like you and you can’t take it anymore. How to remove it from your territory? Here we tell you.

As of yet, there is no quick and easy way that guarantees 100 percent that a neighbor or villager will leave your island. In fact, if one is thinking of leaving it seems to be somewhat random. Many players have their own theories, which supposedly work, but there are several that do not. For example, some say that hitting a villager on the head with a net will make him mad at you, causing him to ask to leave. Others have said that if you go to Residential Services and complain to Canela, you could cause a villager to leave. Neither of these methods is effective. However, there are others that do seem to work.

You will know that a villager is ready to leave your island when he has a cloud over his head. After talking to him, he will tell you that he has been thinking about moving and, if you agree, he will be off your island in a couple of days. To speed up this process, try one of the following methods.

Ignore the neighbor you want to kick

Your villagers can often be found walking around the island. Under normal circumstances, you will probably be inclined to walk up to them to chat. However, if you want one to go away, don’t interact with it. Try to avoid a conversation with said villager and even keep a distance. Instead, talk to the other villagers. You can also build a fence around a villager’s house, that way you avoid running into him.

The strange thing is that some villagers can request to move even if you talk to them every day. This is why many players believe that it is random. Either way, a villager will ask you to move if you ignore it.

Use Amiibo cards

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The other way to kick a villager or neighbor off your island requires you to have Animal Crossing amiibo cards. You can find them online in bundles that come with random cards, or you can buy some individually on eBay.

What you can do is use an amiibo card to replace someone from your island. For that, go to Residential Services and interact with the machine. Use the option Amiibo to summon a character from whatever card you have, though you need to make sure it’s a villager and not a worker like Tom Nook or Canela.

After that, the character you have chosen will visit your island in the camping area. Comply with everything they ask of you and insist that they move to your island. Finally, you will agree to move in the next day, assuming you have spaces available. Remember that you can have only 10 villagers on your island at the same time.

If your island is full, they will ask you if you want to replace a villager with the one from the amiibo card that you summoned and the good thing is that you can choose who you want. In this way, a list with your villagers will appear, giving you the option to choose the one you want to kick out. This method also works with any character that appears in the campground, but the downside is that you would have to wait for one to arrive. On the other hand, with amiibo cards you can get a specific villager to your island without taking that long.

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