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With the advanced technology with which consoles are developed today, it is natural that they dazzle us and that we probably choose them before the old consoles. However, those of us who began to play from childhood have always had a special place in our hearts for the consoles that started us in the world of video games. And now that they have become fashionable, why not relive those memories? Look at this list of the best retro consoles you can buy in 2021.

The best retro console

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Why should you buy it? Because it has a dazzling catalog of games, which are now as great as they were at launch.

For whom it is? For fans of the Nintendo franchises and for those looking for a challenging and deep plot.

Nintendo’s original NES launched in the mid-1980s and almost individually revived the video game industry, with heroes like Mario, Samus, and Link. However, it was his next console, the Super Nintendo, that proved just how dominant this developer company could be. This console includes some of the best video games ever made, such as Super mario world, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger and Donkey Kong Country.

The Super Nintendo also has one of the best controls in the history of video games. This kept the same design of the NES controller – with the directional buttons to play combat or platform titles -, but two front triggers and two more buttons were added on the main face of the control. Few consoles have been able to match it.

Due to its 16-bit processing, most developers used the classic pixelated graphics for their games, which we still find beautiful and enjoyable in 2020.

It has a couple of exceptions, but the Super Nintendo game library is still one of the best in history. Those who are looking to play those titles without buying the original console, can purchase the SNES Classic Edition, a mini version with 21 games already integrated into the console. They can also play them for free through a subscription on Nintendo Switch Online.

The best retro “plug and play” console

Sega Genesis Mini

Why should you buy it? Because it offers twice as many games as the SNES mini and the emulation is completely perfect.

For whom it is? For those who missed the opportunity to play the original Sega Genesis, fans of fighting and shoot-’em-up games, and those who want to relive the past.

Nintendo started the preloaded miniconsole craze with classic video games, releasing the NES Classic Edition in 2016 and then with its hands down better SNES Classic Edition. However, Sega totally surprised us with their Sega Genesis Mini. Not only does it come with 42 games, but it offers brilliant emulation, a sophisticated interface, and the classic controls you remember.

The attention to detail of the Sega Genesis Mini it’s absurd, replicating the volume slider along with the hole for the cartridges, even though they are useless in this plug and play machine.

It is also compatible with external vendor controls, as it includes USB ports. This means that you can use alternate wireless controllers, in case the wired controls don’t suit you.

There are games that come on both the SNES mini and the Sega Genesis Mini, such as a version of Street Fighter II. But there are several titles that are exclusive to the Sega console, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Contra: Hard Corps, Castlevania: Bloodlines, Phantasy Star IV and Ecco the Dolphin.

Better yet, the Sega Genesis Mini is inexpensive. It was launched at $ 80, but it has been on sale several times, in some cases it has cost less than half its standard price. Also, it is easier to find than Nintendo consoles.

The best retro portable console

Game Boy Advance SP

Why should you buy it? Despite being Nintendo’s first and only handheld console from 2001 to 2004, the Game Boy Advance has some of the best handheld games ever, and the SP is its best.

For whom it is? For children who want to play classic video games and adults who want to play SNES titles on the go, without the need to connect a console to the television.

The Game Boy Advance era marked Nintendo’s most creative time with some of its best titles, portable or otherwise. The huge Fire Emblem saga had its beginnings in North America with this console, it also brought the first titles of the WarioWare series and the return of the 2D Metroid games, with Zero mission and Fusion. It also integrates several Super Nintendo games, such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and an improved version of Super Mario Bros. 2.

The sagas that began with the original Game Boy received some adjustments later, making them look much better in the SP version, due to the advanced architecture of the console. Titles like Ruby Pokémon and Sapphire They are still worth playing, despite the fact that they have improved versions on the Nintendo 3DS. Additionally, you can find Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games for the Game Boy Advance SP.

But why choose the SP version and not the original Game Boy Advance? When Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance, the games worked just as well as the SP, but it lacked a backlit screen and because of this, it was difficult to play in daylight. The Game Boy Advance SP solved this problem and changed its flat design to a clamshell type, in this way it was even more portable and was better protected in case of drops or scratches on the screen. This is still the best design for a Nintendo laptop.

Best Retro Vintage Console

Atari 2600

Why should you buy it? It is a piece of history with simple but addictive games, which have classic visuals and sound effects.

For whom it is? The Atari 2600 is definitely for older gamers, who will play this with some nostalgia. The simplicity of the games means that you can replay them from the beginning at any time.

Why did we pick the Atari 2600?

While it wasn’t the first home console to be available – that was the Magnavox Odyssey, designed by Ralph Baer – the Atari 2600 was responsible for transforming consoles into a multi-billion dollar industry, as it is today. Its control consists only of a joystick and a button, but with this limited technology the designers were able to create fun and unforgettable games.

The technology of the time certainly limited the graphics, in fact in the game Adventure the protagonist was literally a square. But if you filled the game with imagination, you could see how attractive the Atari 2600 could be. The first Star Wars games were released on this console, with sound effects that made you feel like you were in space destroying ships.

Interestingly, Atari did not have the same success as other home consoles after 2600, making their later consoles, the Atari 5200 and 7800, have less collectible value, plus they had fewer games available. However, the Atari 2600 certainly didn’t have that problem, as you can find a game for each person in this one.

The best “not so retro” console

Playstation 2

Why should you buy it? It has one of the largest game catalogs of any console in history and many of those games are exclusive.

For whom it is? For fans of role-playing, action, sports and Sony franchises.

The PlayStation 2 was ridiculously popular in its day and there’s a good reason for that: it had almost everything. Despite being the weakest among the three consoles of that generation, the PS2 had an absolutely massive library of games, including games from the Grand Theft Auto and Kingdom Hearts franchises and games like Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3, Killzone and Final fantasy x.

A large portion of those games were exclusive to the PlayStation 2 for years, so gamers interested in playing those titles had no choice but to buy this console. Its DualShock 2 controller was the perfect way to experience gaming, working like a charm in both shooter and platformer games.

The PlayStation 2 also ushered in some of the biggest franchises today, including the Ratchet & Clank series, God of War, Devil May Cry, and Kingdom Hearts. If you are looking for a game that was not developed by Nintendo or Microsoft, you will most likely find it in the PlayStation 2 catalog. Also, the games are not so old that they are difficult to find or very expensive. .

Make sure your TV or monitor is compatible

Not all televisions are compatible with the consoles we mentioned. Most of these systems, with the exception of the Sega Genesis Mini, were designed before the HDMI port was common. But fear not, there are other options to connect the consoles and play.

Like other electronic equipment, you can use an RCA cable connected to an adapter. For the Atari 2600 you will need an RF adapter and probably an RCA to HDMI converter, if your TV only has HDMI inputs.

Another drawback you may encounter when playing retro consoles on modern televisions is picture quality. Many of these consoles were created to be played on a 4: 3 CRT screen, so you will probably see the game a little differently on modern screens. This is not actually to say that the image looks bad, it just doesn’t feel the same way.

Only the Sega Genesis Mini saves this cumbersome connection problem and unlike the other consoles, this one recreates the retro look with an option to put the screen in 4: 3 and if you prefer, you can even add false lines on your screen. However, if you are looking for an authentic retro gaming experience, you should consider getting an old TV at a flea fair.

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