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A team of archaeologists excavating the ruins of the Machaeron fortress in Jordan, claim to have found the throne room in which Salome asked King Herod Antipas for the head of the prophet John the Baptist.

According to the Hungarian archaeologist Győző Vörös, walls around 9.2 meters high were found in the room that, for the first time, show the size of the fortress of Macheron, which was rebuilt by King Herod the Great to defend his territories. .

Maqueronte, which means black fortress, is a citadel that is located on top of a hill on the eastern side of the Dead Sea and was originally built by the Hasmonean king Alexander Janneo around 90 BC (BC) . Because of its tactical importance – from there you could see all of Judea – King Herod claimed it to become a fortress.

After the excavations, Vörös and his team displayed a series of computer-recreated images that offer a glimpse into the room where, according to the Gospels of Mark and Matthew, Salome would have asked, under the advice of her mother, the head of the prophet John the Baptist.

The details of the find were published in the book published by the Biblical Society of Archeology, as published Jewish Press.

As part of the same find, archaeologists also found a huge ritual bath – or mikvah in Jewish tradition – with 12 steps, the largest of its kind so far.

Ritual baths or mikveh are a kind of immersion pools used in purification rites, and according to the team of archaeologists led by the Hungarian Győző Vörös, the one found in the fortress of Maqueronte would have been built for the use of King Herod and his family.

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