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It was a controversial find. This January 5 marks the 16th anniversary of the discovery of Eris, which was presented as the tenth planet in the Solar System.

Eris had been observed two years ago by astronomers during a study at the Palomar Observatory, however, at that time the scientific community encouraged an intense debate about its particular size.

At that time, even the International Astronomical Union was motivated to participate and had to clarify the definition of planet.

ESO (European Southern Observatory).

Ultimately, Eris is smaller than Pluto and now both are classified as dwarf planets.

However, the controversy is far from over. In fact, her name Eris refers to the ancient Greek goddess of discord and strife. It was christened as a way of portraying all the scourge that has unleashed (and still does) its planet designation.

How is it?

Eris is an icy planet, taking 557 Earth years to complete a single orbit around the Sun.

Its distance from him causes its atmosphere to collapse and freeze to the surface. Scientists estimate that surface temperatures range from -217 to -243 degrees Celsius.

Everything suggests that its thin atmosphere will melt in a few hundred years as it approaches the Sun, thus showing its rocky surface, similar to that of the planet Pluto.

Both Eris and Pluto are still smaller than the Earth’s Moon, for this reason, astronomers had to use Dysnomia, its tiny moon to measure it.

Thus, despite the recent period of its discovery, this dwarf planet has a rich history that is worth recognizing on the day of its discovery.

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