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The new year has just begun and the energy to fulfill various purposes is – right now – at its highest level. If you are interested in the language of Shakespeare, check out this list with some of the the best podcasts to learn English (or perfect it, if that’s your case).

Whatever your level, what you will find in these productions is a series of tips to strengthen the different skills in the language. Are you ready?

All Ears English Podcast

Lindsay and Michelle, from Boston and New York, are in charge of this podcast which promises to help you improve your listening skills (American English). Recommendations range from how to start a small talk to how to use everyday vocabulary in this language.

“East podcast It is for adult students who are professionals and university, as well as for ESL teachers ”, they refer in the description of their program.

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6 Minute English

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For intermediate level students, this BBC proposal is more than interesting and attractive, especially because of the variety of topics that are covered in less than 10 minutes, from whether trees are smart to why we choose to text instead of talking .

“Our long-running series of discussions on new topics and vocabulary, delivered by your favorite BBC Learning English presenters,” is the description of this alternative.

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Luke’s English Podcast

Podcasts to learn English

For those looking for a podcast consolidated, Luke Thompson’s will not disappoint you, since he has been producing this material for more than 10 years, in which he can also talk about the series The Crown, as well as having different guests.

Thompson has 19 years of experience in teaching English and his proposal “offers you an insightful learning resource, the goal of which is to make you laugh while you learn.”

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Happy English Podcast

Man listening to music on cell phone

Also quite experienced in the world of teaching English – since 1994 – Michael DiGiacomo is the New Yorker in charge of the Happy English Podcast.

In his programs he addresses topics such as the use of by, 10 ways to use will, vocabulary related to space, ways to talk about the future and the use of already, as well as interviews and current events.

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The English We Speak

Also on behalf of the BBC, this production addresses a different current topic each week, in categories as diverse as health, entertainment, technology and lifestyle.

Also with a short duration per episode, the promise is to tackle different phrases of everyday English (British).

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InFluency Podcast with Hadar Shemesh

Podcasts to learn English

Hadar Shemesh is a valuable resource for those who are learning the language, but especially for those who seek to improve their fluency (understand this as the ability to make the jokes you want and tell stories in the way you think is most convenient).

In its podcast, addresses topics such as “five things I would have liked to know about fluency in English when I was 20”, “how to pronounce resolution “ and “if technology is ruining your English.”

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Culips English Podcast

“Your fluency, listening skills, vocabulary and pronunciation will naturally improve as you meet our hosts and learn about interesting topics and trends in Canada and around the world,” is the promise of this podcast.

The duration of the episodes – in which topics as diverse as the problems of video calls and how to react to a surprise news are covered – is from 11 to 30 minutes.

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Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Mignon Fogarty, better known as Grammar Girl

Recognized as one of the best podcasts In its category, this production seeks to provide recommendations to improve your writing and “feed your love for English.”

Led by Mignon Fogarty, a former science writer, the tips cover subjects like grammar, style, and punctuation. Some of the episodes are “the semicolon is much more interesting than you imagine”, “why XOXO means hugs and kisses” and “how to identify your main idea”.

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