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The CES 2021 technology fair, in an unprecedented way, will arrive with a 100 percent virtual format. And although the eyes will be on the novelties that the main brands will announce, the event is also usually a space to present innovative products.

From toilet paper dispensing robots, helmets that promise to stimulate hair growth, to muzzles for keeping phone conversations private, these are some of the weirdest tech products unveiled at the latest CES.

Vacuum cleaner shoes

Released at CES 2017, we agree they weren’t appealing, although they could save you some time. The Vacuum Shoes or vacuum shoes, from the Japanese company Denso, promised to collect dust from the floor while you walked through a room. For obvious aesthetic reasons, they were never marketed.

Helmet for hair growth

At CES 2016, the company Apira Science premiered the helmet for iGrow hair growth. The device used a combination of lasers and led lights in order to stimulate hair growth. However, what five years ago sounded like a rarity, in 2020 it reached the market, albeit from the hand of LG.

Toilet paper dispenser robot

Charmin RollBot

Unveiled at CES 2020, the Charmin company showcased the RollBot, a bear-faced robot that acts as a toilet paper dispenser that connects to smartphones and whose mission is to help users when they need it most.

Smart diaper sensor

The manufacturer Monit surprised at CES 2019 with the Smart Diaper, a smart device for diapers that detects when it is necessary to change them with the aim of reducing infections and irritations in babies. The device can determine the difference between liquids and solids.


Y-Brush smart toothbrush

Originally presented at CES 2019, the Y-Brush surprised by announcing itself as a toothbrush that promises oral hygiene in just 10 seconds, thanks to artificial intelligence. However, it finally hit the market in 2020 and already has competition from Oral-B and Colgate.

Mui Calm

It was one of the devices that attracted the attention of CES 2019. And it is that between so much metal and plastic, at CES 2019 the Mui company presented his smart wood. Although turned off it appears to be a simple block of wood, when turned on it offers information such as the weather, the status of the lights or the locks.

A musical shower

Koheler shower head

For fans of music when taking a bath, the manufacturer of home products Kohler unveiled its smart speakers for the Moxie shower head at CES 2020. The speakers, with the seal of the audio equipment manufacturer Harman Kardon, compensate for the white noise that is generated when the shower is in operation, allowing you to listen to any type of audio without problems. Needless to say, they were designed to be waterproof.

Nokia Sleep

Nokia Sleep

At CES 2018, Nokia was taking its first steps in smart home technology. And one such device was the Nokia Sleep, a Wi-Fi pillow that sits under the mattress to provide sleep analysis and the ability to monitor the home.


Although in times of teleworking it may not be so necessary, the Hushme was presented at CES 2018 as a mix of a muzzle and a mask that helps you keep your conversations private and, incidentally, not disturb your office colleagues. Plus, it has a voice setting if you want to sound like Darth Vader.

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