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Fortnite is one of the games of battle royale most popular currently. You can play it on almost any device: on your phone, on a console, or even on your computer. However, if you want to play it on PC, there is only one official way to do it and that is through the Epic Games store. You just need to create an account there, download its platform and install the game. In this guide we explain in detail how to play Fortnite on PC.

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Create an Epic Games account

The first thing you should do is create your personal Epic Games account. This process is free and the instructions are clear; You will even have the option to link accounts from Fortnite from other systems. To get started, go to official page of Fortnite and click the button Log in in the upper right corner of the screen. Then simply follow the instructions until you have your own username and password.

Download the Epic Games Store client

Now that you have an account, go to the section to download from the page of Fortnite. This is next to the button Log in from the previous step, or you can use this link. As always, follow the onscreen instructions to install the Epic Games Store client on your system. If you plan to use it frequently, creating a desktop shortcut is a good idea.

Install Fortnite

Fortnite on the Epic Games Store
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With the client installed, open the Epic Games Store and log in with the account you just created. From the home screen navigate to the Store tab, located on the left side. This will give you access to a search bar. Writes “Fortnite”To find the game and begin the installation process. If it stops for some reason (a bad connection, maybe) you can go back to the menu and try again.

Opens Fortnite

Installation might take a while; its current size exceeds 80GB. When the process is complete, go to your library (using the same menu on the left side of the screen) and click on the icon. Fortnite. That will open the game – you are ready to go.

You also have to adjust the settings

Fortnite settings screen

It is important to adjust the settings before joining a game. You can modify the sensitivity of the mouse, raise the quality of the graphics and even change the key combinations. From the main menu, go to the section of Settings and go through all the submenus. When you’re happy with all the settings, head back to the main menu, where you can choose your game mode and jump into action.

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