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After years of waiting – and a lot of rumors -, Resident Evil Village it was finally announced in June 2020 at a Sony presentation. This ad came with a three-minute video showing the tone, staging, enemies, and a bit of the game’s characters. Surprisingly, this presentation was longer than traditional, and if we add to this the interviews that its developers have given, the result is that there is a lot of information about the following resident Evil.

The game is not finished yet and there is a while before it goes on sale, but in this article we will review everything that is known so far about Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Trailers

Before getting into the specifics, it’s a good idea to rewatch a trailer to get an idea of ​​what to expect in the final game. What you see is the second trailer of the game (the first is available only on YouTube) that was shown at the Tokyo Game Show event in September 2020. And what is seen in both videos somehow reminds us of what it was once Resident Evil 4.

Regarding the name of the game …

Yes, it is a sequel to Resident Evil 7, but the title is not Resident Evil 8 even though it technically represents the eighth canon game in the series. In any case, the “8” is present in the name, which is formed with the letters “VILL” in the title and which, not for nothing, are highlighted in another color.

On the other hand, the surname Village in resident Evil it is not random. In an interview with the medium Kotaku, from Capcom they explained that the village (“village”, in English) will be something like a character. In effect, the producers hope that the players will “remember the village” that they will have to visit and that will be the main stage of the game.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions are not confirmed

The game began its development as an inter-generational project; that is, for the old generation consoles and also for the new ones, in addition to PC. However, this seems to have changed along the way and Capcom says they have looked into the possibility of creating versions of PS4 and Xbox One, as long as they do not limit the design of the game. Even so, these versions are still neither confirmed nor denied.

It is clear that the power of the consoles plays an important factor, and even more so if Capcom wants the game to have an impressive staging. For this, it is important for the study to take advantage of what the PS5 and Xbox Series X offer in terms of power and also in terms of the speed of its memory unit, eliminating the loading screens. These aspects will clearly be reduced (or increased, in the case of load times) on older generation consoles such as Xbox One and PS4.

In comparison with Resident Evil 7, the focus on exploration will be much sharper and that also requires some computing power that the old generation could not deliver. So it seems normal that so far the game is confirmed only for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC and that versions for old platforms are on hold.

Direct sequel to Resident Evil 7

Capcom has explained that Village is “the sequel and conclusion of the story of Resident Evil 7”. The story of the new game is set a few years after the previous one and the protagonist will continue to be Ethan Winters (the first-person camera from the previous title also returns) who together with his wife Mia will seek to rest from the events that occurred in Resident Evil 7. And as seen in the first trailer, Chris Redfield, a longtime acquaintance from the series, appears in-game to break Ethan’s break, who somehow ends up in the village looking for answers. But for now, little else is known about what is behind the events that are going to be narrated.

It is also not very clear why Chris Redfield is part of the story or if other classic characters from the series will be present in the game. Some fans have speculated on some of the characters seen in the trailer; specifically, it is thought that the man with long hair and sunglasses could be Luis Sera from Resident Evil 4, although it could well be pure speculation.

Anyway, Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield are related to what happens in the game and the latter could well be a kind of antagonist of the story (in addition to looking somewhat older).

The initial trailer briefly featured a puzzle with the Umbrella logo, indicating that the organization will be present throughout the game. And what has been seen so far of gameplay seems very similar to Resident Evil 7, game that was developed in levels of small or medium size with a very claustrophobic aspect.

Focused on action

Horror and action have been part of the identity of resident Evil since its inception, though for a long time fans have had a special preference for games that emphasize survival and managing limited resources. With VillageCapcom assures that the action is going to be more important than in the previous games, but that remains to be seen. Resident Evil 7 It was a very good mix of action and gloomier sections, so the background is pretty good. What nobody wants is for the game to have the style of resident Evil 6, which was basically a third-person shooter in which all the rest of the more classic mechanics of the saga were practically left aside.

Judging from the enemies already known (more on that below), that focus on action is understood. In the trailer some small segments of confrontations with human and non-human enemies are seen and the idea that remains is that the style of Resident Evil 7 is going to keep.

On the other hand, it is very likely that there are some types of puzzles, as seen in the videos where some even look similar to those of the previous game. Specifically, one of them shows a figure with wings that looks very similar to the Umbrella company logo.

The enemies will not be just zombies

Speaking of enemies, werewolf-like creatures appeared in the announcement trailer, although their origin is unknown; maybe it’s related to the virus, maybe it’s something else. In any case, these werewolves do not seem to be normal enemies and by the way they move – very fast -, it is understood that Capcom wants to orient this game towards action.

More interestingly, the trailer does not appear to have appeared zombies. Yes, we already know that it is not necessary for zombies to exist in a resident Evil so that the game is good, but the question is already in the air. Perhaps the zombies will be completely absent from the game, which may be a good idea, although there are some rumors that indicate that the traditional enemy of this game genre will be present.

Now, there is the possibility that Chris Redfield is one of the villains and that would be interesting, taking into account that Redfield is one of the iconic characters of the saga. Fighting him would definitely be a nice script twist, although for now it’s all speculation.

When can we play it?

Resident Evil Village It is scheduled to go on sale in 2021, although the date is not yet defined. According to certain reports, the game is currently 60% complete, so it would not be unreasonable to think that it will arrive towards the end of the year. In any case, it is important to understand that video game development is a very complex process, so that assumption 60% can mean nothing.

In addition, creating games for new hardware – as in the case of PS5 and Xbox Series X or S – always brings one or another complication. The optimization process can be slower than normal, although in the case of PS5 and Xbox Series X that can be less complex than in other generations of consoles. However, the end of 2021 seems like an appropriate date to launch a game of this caliber.

A recent leak Capcom indicated that the game could go on sale in April 2021, but that date seems unlikely considering that it is too close.


In resident Evil, multiplayer is not something alien or unknown. In Resident Evil 5 and 6 there was cooperative play. Recently, in the remake of Resident Evil 3 came Resident Evil Resistance, an asynchronous multiplayer game in which players had to coordinate to defeat a single enemy. Therefore, it would not be strange that Resident Evil Village have multiplayer, even though Capcom hasn’t confirmed anything about it yet.

In 2020, a massive Capcom data breach occurred. And in the leaked documents it was mentioned a type game battle royale of resident Evil. None of this has been publicly confirmed, although perhaps this suggests a large-scale mode similar to Call of Duty Warzone or Fortnite. This may sound very out of place, but it was present in the Capcom data breach.

Downloadable content

It is still too early to know something more concrete in relation to expansions and downloadable content in Resident Evil Village, but the normal thing would be that the game has several pieces of additional content, be it story expansions or cosmetic elements and even weapons. Practically all resident Evil recent have had something of the kind and in the case of Resident Evil 7, there were also a handful of expansions for the campaign. And if the game ends with multiplayer, it will still have cosmetic content.


Due to the fact that it does not have a release date yet, the pre-sales have not been activated. But as usual, as soon as that date is official, the different versions of the game can be purchased (there are always several) either in physical or digital stores.

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