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Before smartphones and messaging apps like WhatsApp, the walkie-talkie it was for decades one of the remote communication alternatives.

However, an American company seems willing to revive it, but now in the form of an action communicator.

Is about Milo, the device developed by Loose Cannon Systems that just received one of the Innovation Awards at CES 2021, in the wearable technology category.

The CES Innovation Awards program recognizes outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products in 28 categories.

What is Milo

Milo defines himself as a “walkie-talkie reinvented ”on a“ more advanced ”hardware and software platform.

The communicator uses radio waves to establish communication, unlike smartphones that require a Wi-Fi or LTE connection.

However, unlike the walkie-talkies It not only enables two-way communications, but allows users to have group and multi-directional voice conversations.

The device is designed for adventurers, so it is possible to attach it to a pocket, a bicycle handlebar or to the arm, thanks to three magnetized clips with a secure lock.

The company said the device has an iP67 protection certification, allowing it to be used anywhere, even on snow or in water.

Although it is not necessary for its operation, Milo has a app for iOS and Android for software updates, tutorials and additional configuration options.

According to Loose Cannon Systems, it received more than $ 2.5 million in advance purchases of more than 17,000 devices in 37 days during its Kickstarter campaign, results that made it the fifth most funded technology hardware campaign of all time.

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