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You don’t have to wait until “normalcy” is restored to start your search for that job opportunity you’ve longed for. It is best to be prepared right now to be the ideal candidate. And you should take this task seriously: refers that a recruiter spends, in general, less than 10 seconds analyzing if a curriculum vitae passes to a second phase of observation. Therefore, it is convenient to have “polished and shiny” this document on which your future work depends. Next, we tell you how to improve your professional image online with different digital tools, all with the intention of highlighting your strengths.

This tool is defined as a union between and (discussed later). In addition to offering a comprehensive resume editor – downloadable in PDF – it also allows you to create a professional website, ready to highlight your skills and share with recruiters.

The service has a free mode, although its payment plan gives access to the customization and download of any design.

How about having a resume generator that combines functionality and aesthetics in order to maximize the chances of getting job interviews? That is the goal of Novorésumé, whose application was launched in 2016.

The platform offers a paid and a free scheme, the latter with excellent templates for those who are looking for their first job or for executives and professionals who want to explore new career horizons.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to design: this platform offers you multiple templates in case you want to better present your curriculum vitae, design a poster, create a presentation or even mount an infographic. The service tools take you step by step through the different options so that you only worry about the content.

Although the free version is quite complete, it is necessary to pay a membership if you want to access all the benefits, such as an extensive photo library, team folders, and the ability to upload your own logos and fonts.

On its official page, this platform asks: who is LinkedIn aimed at ?, and the answer it gives is the following: “Anyone who wants to guide their professional life.” It is the network par excellence for both professionals and employers.

The former, in addition to having the possibility to indicate their professional and academic experience, can connect with colleagues and acquire new skills, while employers have the option of offering a job (every 10 seconds someone from LinkedIn is hired, from agreement with the same service). platform interface

What do you think of the idea of ​​having, on the same page, an attractive “cover letter”? Creatives and professionals can count on that through, which originated over 10 years ago, in 2009 to be precise.

In addition to your photography, in this digital profile it is possible to put what you do, the company you currently work for, your academic training, your social networks and the option to hire your services through a simple click, among other possibilities. . This is the medium for those who love minimalism.

Evan Williams and Biz Stone, recognized in the industry for having participated in the creation of Twitter, are behind this service of publication of blogs, which is being used by professionals to share their vision on certain issues. “Our sole purpose is to help you find compelling ideas, knowledge and perspectives. We do not serve ads, we serve you, the curious reader who loves to learn new things ”, reads the official website of the platform.

Just as you can write about the subject you are an expert on, it is also possible to follow and react to those articles that you find interesting. Of course, it is necessary to pay a monthly or annual plan to have unlimited access to the publications.

Like it or not, personal social networks influence the decision of the human resources area to hire a person or not. And since Twitter is what reflects our thinking, it is essential to take care of it.

Both the profile and the publications must “speak well” of that professional who is looking for a new job opportunity, so the recommendation is to share and retweet useful information, not false, about the area that each one dominates or for society usually.

If you want to create a professional website, both to publicize your portfolio and for potential clients to contact you, then Squarespace will be interesting for you.

“The best talents in the world choose Squarespace to share their creativity,” says the service. In addition, it promises a quick start through different templates and a degree of customization that meets all your needs, among other tools.

According to data from this platform, only 2 percent of resumes go to the next round, so its purpose is for yours to be in that percentage and, consequently, you can get the job of your dreams.

To have the best service tools, from templates to download in different formats of your professional sheet, it is necessary to pay for a monthly or annual plan. Now, for those who don’t have the ability to pay, Google Docs and Microsoft Word also have different pieces of resumes that can be easily modified. It’s up to you.

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