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Applications are the lifeblood of any smartphone, from native – such as phone and camera – to games and third-party editing applications. That is why it is important to update your applications as often as possible, as this way you can benefit from its security features and functionality, in addition to fixing errors and solving problems in the applications, of course. Here we explain how to update apps on an iPhone, either manually or by activating automatic updates.

How to update apps automatically on an iPhone

If your iPhone is configured normally, it should already have automatic updates turned on. This means that your phone will download and install application updates as soon as they are available. However, if automatic updates are not activated, you can activate them by following these steps:

First, go to Setting > App Store. Then find the subtitle Automatic downloads and press the switch to the right of App updates, so that it turns green.

That’s it. Your iPhone will start updating your apps as soon as new versions are released. You do not have to do anything else.

How to manually update apps on an iPhone

If you don’t want to wait for you iPhone update apps automatically, you can take the initiative and do it manually.

Just go to App Store > Your account (You will find it in the upper right corner of the App Store screen, where your profile picture appears, if you have one). From there, you will see the subtitle Updates available. If there are, you can download and install them by pressing the button To update, next to any app you want. You can also press Update all (in blue), option that appears immediately below Updates available.

There are other ways to check for updates for your iPhone apps to install them manually. Open the App Store and then write in the tab Look for the name of the application you want to update. If an update is available for the app, you will see a button To update next to her. Press it and the update will begin.

The other way to manually install updates involves uninstalling an application and then reinstalling it, thus downloading the latest version. This is obviously more complicated than the methods described above, but it can sometimes be useful if you have an application that has stopped working properly. This is something we found in the case of Google Authenticator, for example, after updating to iOS 14.2.

Go to Setting > general > Space on iPhone > [La aplicación que quieras actualizar]. Then press Uninstall app, which will remove the app from your iPhone, but will keep all its data. Finally, press ReinstallThis will install the latest version of the app on your iPhone.

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