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Redmi Note 9T review: Xiaomi’s new best seller?

“The first Redmi Note with 5G is one of the most affordable with this connectivity on the market. It is ideal if you don’t like to wear a cover, it repels fingerprints. ”

  • Anti-fingerprint finish

  • Modern look

  • Drums

  • Acceptable camera

  • No wide angle

  • Macro lens for improvement

The Redmi series is one of the ones that has given Xiaomi the most joy. The company ended 2020 with very good results, in the third quarter it grew by 19 percent in the Chinese market, which decreased by 15 percent. In Spain, it has positioned itself first in mobile distribution, according to data from Canalys. To maintain and improve those excellent figures, 2021 begins with a new member who arrives, once again, to mess with some names that are too similar: it is the Redmi Note 9T, which I have tested for a week. It boasts of being the first of the Redmi Note family with 5G. Are you ready to help your company continue to succeed?

Design and display

Unlike its Redmi Note 9 Pro and Redmi Note 9S siblings, this model doesn’t attract fingerprints like a magnet due to its matte black textured polycarbonate finish. Are they somewhat marked? Yes, but very slightly. If you like to carry it with a case, Xiaomi includes a completely transparent plastic one to show the modern and apparent appearance of the back of the phone. To the touch the texture is noticeable with a subtle drawing that reminds me in some way of the skin of the fingertips. This material feels nice to hold (and look at). Due to its measurements (161.96mm × 77.25mm × 9.05mm) and weight (200 grams) it is neither too bulky nor too thin (rather thick), neither heavy nor light.

Marta Villalba / Digital Trends in Spanish

To unlock it, Xiaomi uses a fingerprint reader on the right side, like more and more phones (and those to come, I assure you). It is a very comfortable place – maybe not so much for lefties – and it responds quickly. On the left side it incorporates a slot for two SIM cards, with the particularity that both can be 5G (Dual 5G SIM). As is usual in this mid-range of phones, it has a 3.5 mm jack connector for headphones. The two speakers, one on the top and one on the bottom, come in handy for watching videos and gaming. To listen to music they are acceptable.

Marta Villalba / Digital Trends in Spanish

The 6.53-inch screen protected with Gorilla Glass 5 opts for an IPS panel and FHD + resolution and fulfills its function without exalting the colors, they look realistic and with decent quality, more considering the affordable price of the device. Of course, no refresh rate above the usual 60 Hz, as the Mi 10T Pro does offer (here the analysis of this great phone). In short, it is a very correct screen, and not too bright, so it does not cause reflections. What’s more, it is certified by TÜV Rheinland to protect eyes from blue light.


The circular camera module is located in the center, the best position for my taste, because I find it easier to focus the camera, especially in macro photography that you have to bring the lens so close to the photographed object. This shape, delimited with a silver ring, seems at times like an emoji.

Marta Villalba / Digital Trends in Spanish

As for lenses, Redmi Note 9T works with a 48-megapixel main one that is activated only when the user wants through the More option in a drop-down menu (this helps not to saturate the memory soon). When you don’t select this resolution, the phone allows you to choose between high, medium and low, that is, it does not specify the number of pixels with which it takes the photo. Don’t expect an abysmal difference between a resolution of 48 megapixels and the default as high, yes in what they occupy: 14 MB and 6 MB, respectively.

This phone does allow taking photos with a bokeh effect, with the 2 megapixel depth lens, and magnification photography, with a 2 megapixel macro. However, a wide angle is (a lot) missed, the ideal lens for taking photos of landscapes and groups of people. The macro mode photos are far from the level of the Mi 10T Pro, or are not sharp or too forced (unnatural).

I have also missed, in the standard photo mode, the icons to select the zoom (allows from 1x to 10x) by default that do come in the Mi 10T Pro. It does not go blind either: the magnification number that applies appears on the screen when you slide your fingers over it to make the shot larger or smaller.

Being an affordable phone, it packs fewer camera features than the Mi 10T Pro, a phone that costs twice as much as this. For example, you do not have the ability to clone people in photo and video, or to record with the front and rear cameras at the same time.

Performance and battery

The new member of the Redmi family launches 5G connectivity in a big way: it will work when the 5G SA (Stand Alone) is released in Spain, so it will allow the use of all the maximum bandwidth. It is equipped with the mid-range Mediatek Dimensity 800U processor and 4 GB of RAM (with two memories to choose from, 64 GB or 128 GB, expandable with microSD), features to spare for an average user. Those yes, it does not offer the speed of response of the Mi 10T Pro, nor does it pretend.

Marta Villalba / Digital Trends in Spanish

In what is measured face to face with the Mi 10T Pro is in the battery section: both with 5,000 mAh, the latter gets better time when you put it to play YouTube video continuously with the maximum brightness, but only half an hour more, that is, ten and a half hours compared to 10 hours on the Redmi.

The difference between fast charging is great. While the most advanced reaches 50 percent in an hour, the other takes two (50 percent in half an hour, the Redmi in three quarters of an hour).


As with other manufacturers, the software does not vary excessively in the different models, in essence it coincides regardless of the range in which the device is framed. But the price difference is there and the Redmi Note 9T does not come with some applications that the Mi 10T Pro does integrate. Among them, the refresh of the screen (obviously), the configuration of the touch response or the creation of the second space. to protect privacy.

Marta Villalba / Digital Trends in Spanish

I especially like floating windows for their usefulness and simplicity, although not all apps are compatible. Yes, those of the Chrome browser, the Google search engine and Google Maps are, but not YouTube. In tools, it comes with FM radio, screen recorder, voice recorder, document scanner and My Remote (to use the phone as a remote control for the TV, air conditioning, projector, DVD player…).


The 4 GB and 128 GB model used for this analysis arrives in Spain with a price of 269 euros (249 for the 64 GB). Logically, being a cheap phone it dispenses with some functions (including some in the camera). It offers the basics, with a quality more than enough for those who do not need great features. But, above all, it stands out in its autonomy, at the height of more expensive phones. What it brings to this family is 5G, technology that you may not need yet.

Marta Villalba / Digital Trends in Spanish

The camera is quite acceptable for its price, although I would have preferred a wide-angle lens to a macro lens because I find it more useful, especially when the quality of the latter does not convince me. For the rest, and taking into account its price, it has the weapons to raise this manufacturer even more to the first positions of shipments. Easy does not have it because the rest of the brands are not far behind and, in addition, a new competitor has just arrived in Spain, Vivo, which has been going strong, with phones also with good value for money, like the Y70, but it does not have of 5G.

With this connectivity and an almost equal price (279 euros), in Spain you can also find Mi 10T Lite 5G and Realme 7 5G. The Moto G 5G with 64 GB of memory is even cheaper, 249 euros (the same price as the 64 GB version of the Redmi Note 9T). Huawei P40 Lite 5G, Galaxy A42 5G (both for 300 euros) and OnePlus Nord N10 5G (349 euros) are somewhat more expensive.

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