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Today, thanks to the different services of streaming, we can see anything, whatever we want. The catalogs are quite generous and, in exchange for a small monthly fee, viewers can watch some of the most important productions in film and television.

However, if we get quite demanding, we may sometimes have trouble finding some of the gems of classic cinema. We refer to legal forms, of course.

This happens with horror classics, whose productions are not always available, not even on the most important platforms of the world. streaming.

Fortunately, Universal Pictures announced that it will broadcast several classic horror movies for free through its YouTube channel.

The tapes will be available one week under the title Fear: The Home of Horror.

Dracula (1931).

Thus, lovers of the genre will be able to enjoy films such as Dracula and The Mummy (January 15), Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein (January 16), The Invisible Man, The Werewolf and Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein (January 17).

For those who do not reach it, or for those who want to have them in their possession, Universal Pictures will also put copies for sale in different digital stores at a discount.

Universal Pictures’ strategy seeks to put on sale some of the most representative titles of classic horror cinema, of which it owns the rights.

At the same time, the bet is attractive if we consider that, in the near future, several countries will have to remain in quarantine as a result of the increase in coronavirus infections.

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